Nuclear wars and Nuclear bombs are things we are used to hear or see only in movies. It’s quite fascinating when we see it unfold on the big screen but we bet it would not be as fascinating if it actually happened in real life.

North Korea, headed by Kim Jong-Un, is actually bringing what happens on the big screen to real life. Conducting Nuclear tests is not new to the North Korean supreme leader for he has already done six Nuclear tests with his latest one being the biggest so far.

A lot of you have probably heard about the infamous supreme leader of North Korea through the movie, The Interview, which actually created quite some drama between the US and North Korean Government.

How Serious Are These Nuclear Tests?

These so-called “tests” aren’t something to shrug off or just laugh about because in reality, they are creating a lot of damage. His sixth and latest test that was conducted a few months ago,  was so strong it reshaped a mountain! Yes, true mountain… To be more specific, what they tested was a hydrogen bomb that resulted in a magnitude -6.3 tremor. This was the strongest bomb North Korea has ever tested.

The powerful blast from the latest test did not only reshape a mountain but it also made a tunnel inside the area the nuclear bomb was tested. This later resulted in the death of at least two hundred workers that were on the site trying to fix the damage. The first one hundred workers died during the first collapse and when another hundred were supposedly sent to the rescue, a second collapse occurred and later resulted in the death of the additional hundred.

North Korea has the Nuclear power to blow up the United States into ashes and sink the whole Japan under water—as said in their latest threat. With all this happening, it really makes you wonder whether Kim Jong-Un ever feels a tad bit of guilt for all the deaths of these innocent people…

What If These Tests Don’t Stop?

Kim Jong-Un seems like he is an unstoppable guy when it comes to doing things he sets his mind to. His latest Nuclear test already did a lot of damage and killed a lot of innocent people but it seems like this wasn’t something that affected the supreme leader. According to a Chinese Nuclear Scientist, these tests are becoming really unsafe and can cause some serious consequences. It is said that future tests can already lead to the top of the mountain blowing up and later causing radioactive waste to leak.

Just after the sixth Nuclear test which was conducted last September, small earthquakes were felt. This was really a serious sign of the long-term damage each test can bring to Mother Earth.

The said Nuclear site is already too unsafe for more Nuclear testing in the future but it seems Kim Jong-Un might consider these as “minor” details that cannot go against the initial plan that is to come up with the best Nuclear weapon he can get his hands on.

The truth is, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un isn’t just conducting these tests for fun and games. He has made numerous threats already to certain countries making people truly believe he is able to initiate a war between them.  One of the missiles that were launched by North Korea before, actually flew over Japan and this really raised a high alert. This move went against finding a peaceful solution internationally and Shinzo Abe who is the Japanese Prime Minister said it was “totally unacceptable”.

Seems like North Korea was hitting two birds with one stone because not only did it raise Japan on high alert, but the missile launch was also done in order to send a message to the United States. Kim Jong-Un is becoming quite notorious for these test missiles and it seems he doesn’t plan to stop here.

We live in a time where Nuclear War is possible and dog filters help make the perfect selfie. Is there still hope that World Peace can be achieved in the future or are we doomed into living in a world where violence takes over people’s lives?

Should America do something about the North Korean nuclear threat?

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