What would you do if you knew that you had less than a day left to live? A 31-year-old woman, battling with breast cancer, decided to tie the knot with the love of her life on the hospital bed, but only 18 hours after saying ‘til death do us part’, she tragically passed away.

‘Til Death Do Us Part’

Heather getting married at the hospital 18 hours before she passed away

The heartbreaking photos of a bed-ridden cancer patient in a beautiful wedding gown began circulating over the internet after the news of her death, only hours after she got married, broke. In ways, the groom, David, considers himself extremely lucky to have called deceased Heather Mosher his beloved wife – even though their union was short-lived.

The couple said their vows while Heather was still on the hospital bed in St. Francis Hospital, Connecticut. The pictures of the couple holding hands and looking deeply into each other’s eyes were published on an Instagram page called ‘christina.lee.photography’ on Christmas morning, two days after Heather’s death. One of the photos showed, Heather propped up in her hospital bed in her wedding gown with her mother by her side, trying to stay strong for her daughter’s sake despite knowing that she would soon lose her.

A Union That Lasted Only for 18 Hours

According to her family, Heather displayed unwavering strength throughout her treatment, and even after the doctors lost hope of saving her from the breast cancer that was slowly taking her life, she stayed optimistic for the sake of her family and loved ones. No one thought that she would be able to make it alive for that long, but she proved everyone wrong.

Even in her final hours, Heather had the strength to celebrate one of the biggest moments of her life with the man she loved more than anyone else. In an interview with WFSB, David said that Heather’s final moments reminded him of a marathon runner who was coming closer to a finish line – despite losing the battle of life, she went out victorious winning the hearts of everyone who knew her.

Heather and David at a family event a year ago

A Fairytale Proposal

David and Heather met each other in May 2015, more than two years ago, during a dance class and they instantly knew that there was a lot of chemistry between them. Almost a year and a half later, David asked Heather to be his wife and even though she said yes, their fairy tale didn’t have a happy ending. Soon after being engaged, Heather was diagnosed with breast cancer, and exactly a year later she passed away.

David recalled the night he proposed to his late wife saying that Heather had no clue that he would pop the question but it was important for him to show his support to the woman he loved in order to assure her that she was not going to be alone in her battle. For the proposal, David organized a magical date night in the old-fashioned way involving a carriage and a couple of horses, and the two rode off into the sunset together.

Heather (L) with her mother (R) moments before the wedding ceremony

Farewell, My Beloved

A few days later doctors confirmed that Heather’s breast cancer had taken its most aggressive form and soon the couple’s happiness was plagued by the disease. It was a hard time for her family and fiancé to watch her wither away on the hospital bed as the cancer slowly spread to other parts of her body including her brain. Heather was constantly on life support and had a breathing tube attached to her till the moment she died. Her hair had also fallen out completely due to the aggressive chemotherapy.

The two had already decided to tie the knot on 30th of December 2017 but the doctors told them to move up the date since they weren’t sure if Heather was going to survive for that long. So the couple moved the ceremony to December 22. The wedding felt more like a farewell to David who was overwhelmed with emotions knowing that he would never be able to see Heather in a beautiful white dress again. After Heather’s death, David said that even though she was gone, she would always be his one true love.

Would you marry someone who is just about to die?

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