When we talk about gardening, most people shun away from this type of activity because they don’t want to get their nails cut and their hands dirty. For most of the people who live in the urban areas, gardening is something only the rural people can do. It has no space, and they certainly don’t have any time to do such a thing. However, did you know that gardening is actually one of the most fulfilling and healthiest activities to do in this world?

Before you drop off the idea of doing it, read these astounding benefits of gardening. You’ll be surprised how much it can change your life for the better.

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece” — Claude Monet

Stress Relief


As earlier mentioned in the introduction, hen you’re living in an urban area,  the amount of stress that you deal with every day doubles or even triples. Needless to say, stress is incredibly harmful to one’s mind, body, and soul. However, gardening can be used as a means to de-stress.

The freshness of the essential oxygen you inhale from the plants around you is enough to detoxify your system. Also, the sun’s light rays will give you the vitamin D you need.

Physical Activity

Who says gardening is not a physical activity? In fact, gardening can be considered as a workout. All your muscles in your hands and legs will be coordinated as you try to sit, kneel, and move from one place to another as you dig to plant your seeds. The great thing about gardening is that it’s not exhausting and as such, you can do it with ease. Since it is not physically draining, the chances of you doing this activity over and over again are very high.  Unless you’re hauling wheelbarrows of dirt long distances daily, mowing or shoveling or pruning probably won’t do much for your cardiovascular fitness.


Gardening is a stress-relieving activity, but the astounding benefits of gardening go far beyond that. Gardening can also aid you in battling depression. Moreover, it is a completely safe and natural therapy! The dirt is said to contain Mycobacterium vaccine which causes the cytokine levels to increase, and in turn, it boosts the production of serotonin. People with some mental illnesses have been advised to try horticultural therapy, a garden with a combination of fruits and vegetables as well as scented and flowering plants to nourish all the senses. The refreshing scents of flowers and plants can add to your nutritional benefits and boost your self-esteem, confidence, and optimism.

Healthy Foods


This is actually the most obvious and greatest benefit you can get from gardening. However, it is surprising that most people still ignore it! Cases of obesity are rampant in the modern world along with the thousands of deadly diseases linked to it. This is mainly caused by the chemical-filled foods people consume today. One can barely have healthy, natural, and organic foods today, especially since they are incredibly expensive.

But hey, news flash! Through gardening, you can grow your own healthy foods without worrying about draining your pockets.Since you’re the one planting all the vegetables and fruits in your garden, you know first-hand that they are safe for consumption and completely free from any chemical properties. You can even sell the surplus and earn some bucks. 

Brain nutrition

According to research, gardening is one of the most effective therapies against dementia. Studies show that daily gardening is the single biggest risk reduction for dementia as it reduces incidences by 36%. Another study estimated the risk reduction at a whopping 47%. Gardening enhances your brain activity by involving crucial brain function such as learning, problem-solving, and sensory awareness. 

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