If you are a full-time employee, it is hard to even think about something other than your job. Dreams that we have still exist, but we are unable to chase them anymore since we are more than busy working and thinking about our full-time jobs.

There is a reason why our dreams actually exist and why we always think about them. It does not matter whether they are only our wishes or not—we shouldn’t give them up that easily. Someone said that everything is possible if you believe, and that might just be true!

Think about this for a second since you just might be stuck with your current job. You also might feel tired and unfulfilled, and your dream job might be just around the corner! Many people achieved their goals and started businesses while working full-time. So, yes, it is possible!

Here is a guide on how to start your own business while working full-time.

Pick the best skill

This is the first and the essential thing in the process. You must decide what you actually want to do or to sell in the future. Although the number of possibilities is huge, take your time and think about this carefully. The first thing you can do is to write 10 of your best skills on paper. Don’t worry about the complicated things now—it is only important to understand what you are good at. Remember that you don’t have to be the best in those fields. Listing all the things you know better than the average person does is enough. These can be your hobbies or interests; you just need to know them very well.

Choose your niche

This step will be a logic result of the first step. You will actually understand the direction you want to take. Now, you will choose the niche you want to move at, and further, consider your target audience as well. For example, list 10 or 20 of business people you know—these might be your friends or LinkedIn contacts—list them and write down their jobs. Now, look the list and see where you can apply your chosen skills at. What is important is not to have a lot of clients but to have few ones at the beginning. Take your time, no hurries.

Choose the right time and don’t stop

To succeed, choose a time interval when you know that you won’t be interrupted. After that, stick to that time and motivate yourself to work. Yes, motivate, don’t force yourself because if you have to force yourself to do this, it won’t work. Mark yourself as being busy on those days and don’t let anything pull you away.

“You have to work on the business first before it works for you.”  ― Idowu Koyenikan

Get your first client

Use the Internet to find emails of possible clients. After that, reach them via email or through other ways. Ask them for a meeting or a call. If you are approved to have a meeting, you should be well prepared for it. Firstly, review their positions and social media. Secondly, identify problems that you can help them solve. Thirdly, determine the strategies and show them the results of your solutions. In the beginning, you will have to be persistent. This basically means you will rather chase your clients more than they are going to look for you. But that is going to change in the future; just be patient!

Get recommendations

The best way to find your potential clients is to be referred to by your previous ones. A recommendation is the strongest thing you can get from a client. You can also look for them online. The first place to look for is LinkedIn. This platform will give you many possibilities, and it tends to be the fastest way to find similar companies. You can also see what “people also viewed,” so this helps you a lot. Write them down and reach them daily. You will eventually have many clients, and won’t have to bother about searching so much.

Define your prices

This can be hard, but it is a must. No matter what the best formula is, you should define your pricing depending on many factors around you: similar companies, clients’ possibilities, and wishes, your abilities, etc. When you are starting out, prices may be less than later on. This is also the point where you can use the web. Look for the right formula and ask people with similar experiences. They will surely guide you the right way since people in online communities like to help.

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