In October of 2016, actress Jessica Drake joined the ranks of more than 22 women who had come forward alleging intimate misconduct or harassment from the then-candidate of US presidency Donald Trump.

However, if latest reports are to be believed, the words “Donald Trump” can never be uttered, discussed or even mentioned by the adult actress anymore.

Accusations from Hundreds of Women

Jessica is one of the 22 or more women who have accused President Trump of intimate assault, but according to Michael Wolff’s book, Trump’s former strategist claims that Trump has reached financial settlements with more than 100 women during the presidential campaign alone.

These accusers and their settlements were handled by Trump’s longtime attorney Marc Kasowitz who he has known for 25 years and played an instrumental role in silencing the victims during the campaign.

Donald Trump and adult star Jessica Drake during a golf tournament in Nevada, July, 2006

Drake came forward with her accusation during a public press conference in October 2016 where she was accompanied by her attorney Gloria Allred. She alleged that she has been the victim of indecent behavior and harassment from President Trump during a golf tournament in Nevada in July 2006 where Trump was in attendance and Drake was doing promotional work for the adult film company Wicked Pictures.

A 10-year-old affair

Even though Miss Drake is calling the events an “assault”, we shall let you be the judge of this claim because, according to Drake, she was working on a promotional event for the adult film company Wicked Pictures when she first met Trump.

Miss Drake is calling the events an “assault”, despite the fact she was the one to agree to be accompanied by Trump during the adult film company promotional event

She claims he flirted with her before asking for her phone number and a walk on the golf course, both of which she agreed to before being invited up to his hotel room in the evening.

Not feeling comfortable going alone, she asked two of her girlfriends to accompany her to Trump’s hotel room where he allegedly touched each of them and kissed them without consent. After leaving the suite around half an hour later, she subsequently received a phone call from Trump’s assistant inviting her back to the room; an offer which she declined.

Upon her refusal, Trump himself got on the phone to ask her what she wanted in return for a meeting in his hotel suite, even asking her how much money she would accept for a “date”. He later went on to offer her $10,000 for a night spent with him and even offered his private jet for her to use.

It is worth mentioning that during this period, Trump was not only married to wife Melania but she had also recently given birth to their baby boy.

Jessica Drake (R) and her publicist (L) who accidentally confirmed the existence of an NDA non-disclosure agreement

Banned from even mentioning his name

Trump on the other hand, has slammed these allegations in typical trump fashion with a press release saying that he “does not remember this person and would have no interest in ever knowing her.”

A few days ago however, a story reported by The Daily Beast reported that Drake had in fact signed an NDA non-disclosure agreement for an undisclosed sum of money which banned her from mentioning Trump or any intimate encounters that might have taken place.

This story comes in light of recent reports where another adult performer Alana Evans aka Stormy Daniels was also paid $130,000 as “hush money” and forced to sign an agreement with Trump’s attorney. According to film star Alana Evans, she did indeed have numerous encounters with Trump while he was married to Melania and the pair would regularly call her, asking her to join them for “some fun”.

The story of Jessica Drake was accidentally broken by her publicist who confirmed the existence of an NDA between Drake and Trump’s attorneys but later went on to deny that an NDA existed, insisting that she made an “incorrect assumption” because of a misunderstanding.

The notion of an NDA is to not discuss the events contained in the agreement or even the agreement itself since even acknowledging the existence of an NDA voids its agreement, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that both Drake and her publicist are hard at work to deny the existence of any such agreement.

Do you think the events that took place in 2006 were indeed “intimate assault” or merely inappropriate and indecent behavior?

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