People who serve in the military are truly a blessing to the country for their would go to great lengths and risk their lives on a daily basis. Sadly, for one female soldier who was captured in Iraq, the truth about what happened to her was greatly manipulated by the media.


Who Is Jessica Lynch?

Jessica Lynch started serving the army in 2001 since financial struggles hindered her from pursuing a career as a teacher. She was only 17 years old when she was first recruited to the army leaving her dream to become a teacher behind. Back in 2003, the US was dealing with a lot of conflicts regarding Iraq and the Middle East. This was the time when Lynch was deployed to Iraq, not for combat, but to serve as a supply clerk with the 507th Maintenance Company.

Former POW Jessica Lynch

When Lynch was aboard, a convoy of the 3rd Combat Support Battalion elements and the 507th Maintenance Company,  blew up after they took a wrong turn giving the chance to their enemies to launch a grenade towards the troops.

This event was part of the Battle of Nasiriyah and luckily, she and her best friend, Piestewa, were one of the soldiers who survived the blast. The Iraqi Fedayeen forces later captured them as prisoners of war. Sadly, her best friend Piestewa died from her severe head injury as they were brought to the hospital.

Lynch and her best friend Piestewa who died in the war

When Lynch was hospitalized, Mohammed Odeh al Rehaief, an Iraqi lawyer who witnessed her bad condition and then decided he needed to help her. He was the first to inform the people at the US marine base that Lynch was being held captive and was being “abused”.

Soon after the forces learned about Lynch’s condition, they devised a plan that resulted to be quite successful in rescuing Lynch from the hospital.

Since then, Lynch became the first female prisoner of war who was saved since the Vietnam war. Rick Bragg later penned her biography in the book, I Am a Soldier Too: The Jessica Lynch Story. She became an instant “icon” and “hero” to many.

The Truth Behind The Stories

According to her biography, she was intimately abused but apparently, it was all a lie. She was left in the hospital by the Iraqi forces two days before the US forces came to the rescue. Doctors from the hospital placed her in an ambulance in order to be delivered to the Americans but the Americans later decided to open fire before anybody got to explain anything.


Lynch had a doll made after her

Since a lot of articles claimed she was a hero who fought the Iraqi forces after the convoy explosion, she dismissed the claims saying she was too hurt to fight back and that it was other soldiers who were made the fight for her. Apparently, the Americans knew that there were no Iraqi forces in the hospital and even had cameramen with them as they entered. According to Lynch, she was treated well during her stay in the hospital and even had a “special bed”.

The lawyer who helped devise a plan with the US forces, al Raheif, was later investigated since he apparently made some false claims regarding Lynch’s condition at the hospital. Some experts believe the reason why he did all these was because he was hoping to get an asylum in America along with a $150 000 book deal.

Image result for Mohammed Odeh al Rehaief

Iraqi Lawyer, Mohammed Odeh al-Rehaief

Lynch referred to all the lies in the media as a “propaganda effort”. She named the other soldiers who were rightful to be given recognition and agreed with those who said people were biased when they chose who to see as a hero. Some people even believed that it was her who started all the lies. She later confronted the author of her biography, Rick Braggs, about all the false things he penned.

Image result for Rick Braggs

Rick Braggs, the author of her biography

Soon after getting back home, Lynch entered therapy because of the sorrows brought by her best friend’s death. She also had to undergo 22 surgeries in total. It was her fragile condition that made doctors think that she can’t  conceive anymore due to the injuries she obtained.

New Beginnings

Lynch received a scholarship that was given to her by the US military. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree from the University of West Virginia. She eventually found love along the way and tied the knot with Wes Robbinson.

Lynch with her husband and daughter during her graduation

It seems this story has a happy ending since she not only found love and got married, but she also received the miracle of a lifetime and welcomed their daughter, Dakota Ann, into this world.

Today, she continues to undergo physical therapy so she can get back to how she was before the war. She suffered from countless nightmares and acute post-traumatic stress disorder but was able to remain a fighter and build a happy life.

In 2015, she accomplished her lifelong dream to be a teacher. She balanced it out with her work as a motivational speaker. She also received another career breakthrough when she was given the role of a military specialist in the movie,Virtuous.

Image result for jessica lynch

Lynch promoting her film, Virtuous

Settling Everything Once And For All

She wanted to formally dismiss all the fabricated information that happened in the past so she decided to speak at the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. She concluded that the Pentagon was responsible for the lies about the Battle of Nasiriyah.

Recent photo of Jessica Lynch

Lynch has been through a lot ever since the war and all she wanted was for credit to be given to the right people. It is really scary how the media can be so manipulative these days so think twice before believing what you see on TV or the internet.

Do you think the media tells us the whole truth?

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