Ivanka Trump has been advocating the importance of STEM education and helping young children learn computer science from an early age so that they learn the necessary skills to find jobs in the modern economy.

In her effort to bring a change in the current education system and help educational institutions develop more computer science courses for students, Ivanka Trump has been visiting schools around the country – but the president’s daughter has received a very cold welcome from students’ parents who are not happy about her visits.

Ivanka Trump during her visit at Norwalk High School in Connecticut to show her support for the applied science students


On December 18, President’s daughter and White House adviser, Ivanka Trump made a surprise visit to the Norwalk High School in Connecticut to show her support for the applied science students and talk about the importance of STEM education for children’s future.

Her visit became a subject of debate as a few parents lashed out at the administration for not letting them know about the visit beforehand. The trip was organized in confidentiality due to security reasons and even the members in the school administration were taken by surprise when Donald Trump’s oldest daughter and adviser showed up on school premises.

Apparently, only the White House Secret Service and the local authorities in the area, who provided additional surveillance for Trump’s security, knew about the visit.


The visit was very brief and Ivanka Trump only managed to meet a handful of students from three different classrooms in the Norwalk Early College Academy. Ginny Rometty, the CEO of IBM, who had been the one to extend the invitation to President’s daughter, accompanied her throughout the tour.

Although most students were cheerful to see Ivanka Trump in their classroom, the academy faced some serious backlash from parents who weren’t supportive of the current President or his policies. The angry parents unleased their fury on social media after the controversial visit claiming that the administration should have alerted the parents about the visit so that they could have had the choice of letting their child stay at home or attend school that day.

The parents only received a robocall prior to the event informing them that they would not be allowed to drop their children off at the school in the morning due to high security and the students had to take a short walk from the neighboring street.


 Ivanka Trump said that she will continue visiting more schools around the nation to increase awareness for STEM programs 

There were mixed sentiments about Ivanka Trump’s appearance at the school. While some parents praised the act saying that the government’s focus on serious issues like education was commendable whereas others were in absolute disgust claiming that current administration’s racism and bigotry has had a negative impact on several students from minority and LGBT communities.

They considered it unfair that nobody asked these students how they felt about Trump’s visit. In a conversation with fox news, Brenda Williams, the chief communication officer at Norwalk Public Schools said that most parents were happy to hear about Trump’s arrival and only one parent had withdrawn their child from school that day. Unaware of the parents’ complaints, Ivanka Trump updated Twitter on her visit saying that she felt extremely honored to have met some of the brightest and most talented students of Connecticut.

She also said that she will continue visiting more schools around the nation to increase awareness for STEM programs and work towards getting more students interested in learning computer programming.


Miss Trump’s visit gave the school the opportunity to showcase their unique academic model 

Williams told Fox News that many students who got the chance to talk to Trump about their future plans, their educational experiences and IBM internships, were truly inspired by her charisma. Miss Trump’s visit gave the school an opportunity to showcase their unique academic model which provides students the opportunity to earn an associate degree in software engineering or programming while completing their high school diploma.

Students at Norwalk High School are developing technical skills in computer science and STEM which will enable them to prosper in the modern economy.

How would you react if it were your child Trump paid a surprise visit to?

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