We can’t really reveal whether Thanos, Iron Man, and Captain America were successful in defeating the bad guy and saving the universe in the latest installment of The Avengers, without spoiling the film for those who haven’t watched it yet, but what we can tell you is that the latest Marvel Studios action-packed movie has joined the billion-dollar club in record time.

The Avengers earned $1 billion in just 11 days of release, becoming the fastest movie in the history of cinema to accomplish the milestone

A Record-Breaking Box Office Opening

The Avengers dominated the worldwide box office in its opening weekend, making more than $640.9 million in just two days, according to reports by Disney. The latest installment of Marvel Studios’ Avengers called Infinity War set a new record for the greatest global opening, unseating previous record-holder The Fate of the Furious, a Universal film which raked in an estimated $541 million in its box office debut.

Apart from being a global dominator, Infinity Wars also made more money in its domestic box office opening than any other movie in the history, its $258.2 million domestic earnings smashing the previously-held record by Star Wars: The Force Awakens which made $248 million in its opening week in America.

Disney has quickly dominated the list of top ten North American movies with the biggest openings in the history, filling nine out of ten spots on the list with its action-packed, blockbuster films.

But what’s really impressive about its latest masterpiece Infinity Wars is that the film has able to break global records without any contribution from China, which is the second-biggest film market in the world. The movie only made a debut on Chinese box office on May 11, and broke all previous records for advance ticket sales in the country prior to its opening on Friday, according to Imax Corp.

The film broke previous records for advance ticket sales in China prior to its box-office opening on Friday

$15 Billion in a Decade

Keeping on track with shattering box office records, Avengers: Infinity War claimed another stunning victory this weekend, earning more than $75 million from its weekend box office debut in China.

The franchise is expected to rake in an additional $200 million from its market in Middle Kingdom as well as over $100 million from domestic and international holdover markets. This estimate will push the film’s final earning figures over $1.5 billion before the weekend is over, crowning it as the new champion of superhero films in the history of cinema.

Despite the increasing popularity of on-demand entertainment, Disney brought together all the elements of its Marvel brand and more than 20 of its biggest superheroes to create an epic big screen film experience that none of its competitors were able to match.

Infinity Wars is a culmination of Marvel’s decade’s worth of iconic storylines and characters which have transformed the Disney studio into the film’s industry’s most inspiring success stories. The studio has earned more than $15 billion over the past ten years.

The Marvel brand has earned more than $25 billion over the past decade from its iconic superhero films

Shattering Records in Chinese Box Office

The film also brought a big boost to the domestic box office which had gone down by 3 per cent in comparison to last year, but Infinity War’s earth-shattering weekend debut was exactly what the North box office needed for the revival of big screen cinematic experience, increasing growth by 3 per cent.

Box office tracker Paul Dergarabedian said that a huge blockbuster like Infinity Wars can have a hue impact on box office growth, and the film has already reversed the industry’s downward trend and gotten it back on track for this year’s impressive lineup of superhero films set to release over the summer.

China may have been the last region for Infinity War’s official release but the world’s second-biggest film market definitely gave the movie’s global earning the nudge it needed to cross the $1 billion mark in a record number of days.

The film not just earned the second-biggest opening weekend for an international film in Chinese box office but it also made a whopping $180 million in the first three days of its screening – that’s more money than what Captain America: Civil War earned in its entire run. Although the film didn’t quite match the sensational opening of last year’s The Fate of the Furious which grossed a total of 1.35 billion yuan in its opening week.

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