After Friday’s verdict, which convicted America’s favorite comedian, Bill Cosby, on three counts of indecent assault against women, accuser Andrea Constand broke her silence by posting a tweet on Friday saying ‘truth prevails’.

In the short message, Constant thanked the local community that supported her throughout the overlong legal battle. 80-year-old Cosby could potentially face up to 30 years in prison for his heinous crimes.

American comedian has been convicted on three counts of assault and may face 30 years of prison sentence for his crimes

Assaulted in 2004

Former Canadian basketball player Andrea Constand, 30 years younger than the American actor Bill Cosby, accused him of drugging and assaulting her at his Philadelphia home in 2004. When Constand was first introduced to her assaulter many years ago, she held the position of director of operations for the women’s basketball team at Temple University in Philadelphia – the same institution where Cosby had received his honorary degree years ago.

However, she moved back to her birth city Toronto, Canada soon after the assault incident. The famous American comedian was accused of drugging the former basketball player with pills and molesting her after she lost consciousness.

Cosby denied all claims and said that encounter occurred with Constand’s consent. Despite being accused by dozens of other women and being convicted by the jury, the 80-year-old maintains his innocence, saying that he has never assaulted a single woman in his life. However, he had admitted to giving pills to Constand only after she asked for them.

Insufficient Evidence

The case against Bill Cosby was closed in May 2016 due to insufficient evidence to prove that he was guilty. In June, 2017, the comedian was brought to court in his first retrial but the case was still hopelessly deadlocked and ended just days later.

However, groundbreaking evidence of a £2.4million settlement between Cosby and Constand in 2006 was uncovered this year which gave the case a new hope and in April 2018, the Comedian was tried in court once again.

Constand’s lawyer raised the question that if Bill Cosby was really innocent, why did he pay his accuser such a large sum of money for a crime he didn’t commit? In response, Cosby’s lawyer argued that the former basketball player had tricked his client into paying millions of pounds over a false allegation. He added that Cosby agreed to meet the payment demand in order to save his career and reputation from the slander.

Before the announcement of last year’s mistrial, the actor had paid $1 million in bail and pleaded not guilty

Judge’s Verdict

Even though the sentence hearing date with Judge Steven O’Neill has not been confirmed, legal experts are speculating that the 80-year-old could face up to 30 years in prison – 10 years for each of the three counts of assault conviction – although he is expected to be on bail until the sentence is delivered.

On April 27, the judge ruled that Cosby should not leave his mansion until the final court hearing. Some of the prosecutors protested the ruling and asked the judge to change the verdict since the convict could easily escape using his private plane. Hearing this, Cosby erupted angrily, saying that he didn’t own a plane.

Since Cosby owns multiple homes in several different states, the judge ordered him to wear a GPS bracelet should he ever need to move to a different property and ask permission from appropriate officers before travelling out of his county. Under no circumstances is the comedian allowed to leave the United States.

5 other women who accused Cosby of harassment and assault came forward in the retrial as witnesses

Cosby’ Lawyer Prepared to Appeal Decision

In April’s retrial, 5 more women who were allegedly assaulted by the comedian testified as witnesses and admitted to being drugged and molested by him.

Kevin Steele, Montgomery County District Attorney, said that men like Cosby have been abusing their power, financial status and celebrity for too long to get away with heinous crimes like indecent assault against women. The court’s verdict is a testament that the rich and the powerful can no longer evade the law through their network of supporters or wealth.

Cosby’s lawyer expressed his disappointment in the Judge’s verdict and said that he will surely appeal the decision and work towards proving his client’s innocence.

Do you think Bill Cosby will finally be put behind bars for his crimes or will he be able to pay his way out of the situation like in the past?

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