Thanks to the popularity of the Internet, the millennials are now able to express and support their advocacies through social media. We also use this medium to post memes that are sometimes in a form of jokes to raise awareness to our readers. One form of popular memes that are being used on the Internet is pet ones. Most of us are fond of browsing through Social Media, looking for adorable dogs and cats.

However, there’s one particular cat that we’re hesitant to categorize as “cute” or “adorable” because of its malevolent look. We’re talking about the grumpy cats. Sometimes it can be difficult to appreciate a grumpy cat because of its gloomy appearance but not to this grumpy cat owner named Tabatha Bundesen. Did you know that she earned a whopping $100 million in just two years thanks to her grumpy cat? Unbelievable, right? Well, you better start believing, because we’re going to unlock her and her cat’s secret to awesome success!

How Did This Grumpy Cat’s Blossoming Career Start?

Tabatha Makes an Astounding $100 Million Thanks to Grumpy Cat

Tabatha Makes an Astounding $100 Million Thanks to Grumpy Cat

This grumpy cat, named Tardar Sauce, was born with a permanent scowl on her face because of a combined condition of dwarfism and underbite. But despite this, it became her asset later on as she became an instant superstar when Tabatha’s brother posted a picture of her cat online. Ever since then, her fame had spread around the world widely and she was hailed as the “internet cat” when she was taken by agent Ben Lashes.

Grumpy Cat 2017 Calendar Edition Available At Amazon

Grumpy Cat 2017 Calendar Edition

Her iconic scowl had proved to be phenomenal since she gained many fans on Social Media, around 500,000+ followers on Instagram and 250,000+ on Twitter. Her memes, ads, and promotions enabled Tabatha to earn approximately $95.5 million. Her range of products, bestselling books, and film, as well as advertising, ranges from iced coffee (which was named according to his famous Grumpy expression “Grumppuccino”), and being the face of Friskies, earned adorable cat millions. Let us hear about Tabatha’s awestruck statements about her cat:

“What she’s achieved in such a short time is unimaginable and absolutely mind-blowing.

“I was able to quit my job as a waitress within days of her first appearance on social media, and the phone simply hasn’t stopped ringing since.”

Tardar’s Growing Success

Not only Tabatha was astounded by the unexpected blessing this grumpy cat had brought to her family, but also with the whole world too. In fact, Tardar had effortlessly earned millions of dollars that even beat the earnings of many famous Hollywood names, like Gwyneth Paltrow which earned approximately $18.8 million dollars a year, according to Forbes magazine. Tardar also beat worldwide famous football player Christiano Ronaldo, who only earned around $4 million dollars. Suffice to say, this cat is rocking the Hollywood industry! This grumpy cat was also featured in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times Magazine pages. Imagine how much they’ve paid her to get featured on these bestselling news sites? We bet her talent fee was hefty! Lucky cat!

So What’s Next for the Grumpy Cat?

Grumpy Cat Debuts on Her Movie.

You might be interested and curious to know what’s next for Tardar, but fret not, for her popularity is still rising. Her agent Ben Lashes revealed that they’re currently shooting a new season for the TV-movie Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. Aside from that, Grumpy cat is also slated to appear in Home Alone and Die Hard films. It seems Ben was too eager to promote Grumpy cat worldwide. What could be the reason behind it? Let’s read a snippet below:

I’ve never been someone who’s called up every mildly famous cat on the internet,’ he insists. ‘I’m very picky. To be worth it, they have to already be an icon.

‘When I first saw Grumpy Cat, she was instantly, to me, something you could never forget. So I think that the ones I care about and the ones that have the potential to have a brand are the special ones.

‘Not every cat can do it and become a celebrity just like not every human can become a celebrity. A certain amount of it is magic – the thing that makes the Beatles more than four guys playing in a basement.

‘All the icons have that – there’s a bit of that cosmic aura about them. That’s the kind of thing Grumpy Cat has and she brings smiles to everyone.’

Booksigning Event for Grumpy Cat! Look at those Paw Prints!

Booksigning Event for Grumpy Cat! Look at those Paw Prints!

Ben Lashes may sound exaggerating, but she’s dead serious about her job since she’s also preparing for book signings to attract more audience.

Do you have a pet that can break Grumpy Cat’s astounding record? Introduce them below!

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