If there is one thing that celebrities love to do in their free time, it is to hunt for their next real estate investment. Indeed, stars change houses more often than everyday people, both because of the nature of their work, but also because they quickly become bored of their humble abodes. But the houses we’ve seen celebrities buy and sell over the years have been nothing short of exemplary, and although the most expensive ones have been bought by Hollywood A-listers, British stars are not that far behind. Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive houses our favorite Brits have lived in over the years!

Harry Styles – $8.495 Million, Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills has always been the prime residential locality for our favorite celebrities, and Harry Styles made that decision as well. The house cost him $6.87 million when he purchased it, but now, for whatever reason (maybe he’s just bored of it), the One Direction star is bent on selling it for $8.495 million. The hike in price seems too much considering he held the house for only approximately 1.5 years (an increase of more than 19% in value) but considering that the 4,100-sq.-ft. living space offers four lavish bedrooms, including a master suite on the top floor, a spa, and a pool, the price is justified, as long as it includes a sufficient home insurance plan.

Ed Sheeran – $12.5 Million,  North London

Before making it big as an artist, Ed Sheeran lived on the street for a couple of years, which is unbelievable because the star now probably has a financial advisor to help him spend his millions wisely. It was reported in 2015 that the singer invested around $12.5 million in buying a home for himself in the very expensive North London area, which made us so happy because he for sure deserves all the comfort in the world. The house comes with four bedrooms, a wine cellar which reportedly holds over 1,000 bottles, and of course a studio for Sheeran’s jamming sessions.

David Beckham – $44 Million, West London

Britain’s sweetheart David Beckham is not only a football legend but also has great taste when it comes to purchasing real estate (although we’re slightly inclined to believe it was his wife Victoria who chose it). The Beckhams made the purchase back in 2013 for the sum of $44 million and reportedly spent an additional $11.3 million to make it fit for their posh lifestyle. The mansion has six bedrooms, a gym, a powder room (Victoria got herself covered), a wine cellar, an open fire, a cinema room, and a coffee machine that reportedly has a value of $3,8K. If that is not true luxury, we’re not sure what is!

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