On the face of it, Carrie seems like just any other ordinary 36 year old mother of two, but there is more to this beautiful muse than meets the eye. Carrie Hilton, who became a grandmother this year at the age of 35, is also known as Britain’s most glamorous grandmother.

She recently revealed her secret to looking fabulous and credits it to a strict workout routine, yoga and kickboxing… oh and the occasional visit to the cosmetic surgeon.

£13,000 on cosmetic surgery in five years!

Carrie Hilton, 35, with her granddaughter Jessica

According to The Sun, Carrie splurged an incredible £13,000 on cosmetic surgery over a span of five years to achieve her glamorous looks. The procedures she underwent during this period included breast implants, botox, hair extensions, brows and lashes, and teeth bonds, but Carrie insists that the rest of her physical features and figure is attributed to rigorous exercise and diet.

A resident of Bolton, UK, Carrie is a media sales manager and lives with her partner, two daughters and granddaughter. She describes herself as a simple, straightforward and a bit of a tomboy, adding that with her “what you see is what you get”. She insists that being dubbed the most glamorous grandmother in Britain along with being one of the youngest grandmothers in the country does not overwhelm her in any way.

A strict workout regimen

Carrie works out five days a week and she is constantly sharing photos of her strict regime on social media

Carrie works out regularly and has even converted her kitchen space into a home gym where she spends most of her time working out immediately after waking up. She is also an avid follower of, and has developed a deep interest in kickboxing and attends classes at her gym five days a week, the results of which can be seen on her Instagram page where she regularly shares photos of her toned physique, diet and the occasional motivational quotes.

The internet sensation seems to have amassed lots of followers on her social media, especially Instagram. She usually starts off her day typically with a morning Instagram selfie in her kitchen slash gym. Carrie admits that she does not go out too much but instead prefers to stay indoors working and training since she has been active and sporty her whole life.

The Instagram celebrity does however, often come under critique from her social media followers regarding her lifestyle choices and cosmetic surgery decisions, especially from mothers and grandmothers who believe her depiction to be unfair on other women.

Carrie however, shrugs off these opinions for precisely what they are; opinions and insists that some of the negative social media buzz does not concern her since everyone is entitled to their opinion and reiterates that her aim is to motivate others towards a healthier lifestyle.

Mother-Daughter duo

Carrie gave birth to her daughter Clarice when she was just 18 years old, and Clarice recently became a mother herself at 17 years of age, giving birth to baby Jessica. She is also a mother to five year old Casey.

Strolling in her neighborhood of Bolton, people usually mistake Carrie and Clarice to be sisters, imagine their surprise that not only is Carrie her mother, but also a grandmother!. People at her neighborhood stores and at the gym do a double take when they hear Clarice call Carrie mom, and even then refuse to believe that Clarice is actually her daughter.

The duo pretend to be sisters sometimes just to have fun and take the mick out of the neighborhood residents, which is not hard to imagine, especially considering that they even fit in each other’s clothes! Carrie revealed in an interview that Clarice has been nicking her clothes ever since she was 10 years old and lately, even Carrie has been borrowing clothes from her daughter since they are both roughly the same size and share the same physical proportions.

Clarice admits that her mother played a big part in her decision to keep her baby when she was only 17 years of age,  saying that she took inspiration from her mother’s experience and knew that it was fine to have a baby at her age, since both her mother and grandmother had gotten pregnant before turning 18.

Do you think Carrie is the most glamorous grandmother that you have come across?

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