Anyone can start a successful business today, and when it comes to becoming a millionaire, there is no age-limit. One man named Damian Prosalendis turned to entrepreneurship when he was just a 19-year-old college student. The teenager turned his life around in two years and went from being a homeless college drop-out to the owner of a successful business which is worth millions of dollars today.

Damian’s perseverance and thirst for accumulating knowledge, which led him to becoming the successful business owner he currently is, serve as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs going through a rough time and looking for an opportunity to turn their lives around.

So, what circumstances motivated this young man to hustle for his dreams and what is his formula for success? Here are the most valuable lessons you can learn from his story to improve your own life – and who knows, maybe you too could become a millionaire one day!

Damian Prosalendis, 21, the founder of three super successful ventures

Humble Beginnings

Damian wasn’t always a millionaire – in fact, when he was in college, he has a monthly allowance of $200 which he used to pay rent for a poorly-furnished apartment with no shower or other basic amenities. Whatever little money was left over after paying the bills went towards groceries and food for the entire month – but the money wasn’t enough to even meet Damian’s basic necessities.

The teenager washed himself in public showers and slept on a mattress that he found in the garbage. Soon, he didn’t even have the $200 to pay for his rent and food and if it wasn’t for his girlfriend who took him in, he wouldn’t even have a roof over his head.

Knowing What You Want

At the age of 19, Damian was sick of living a substandard life. He wanted more, and he knew that he couldn’t sit around waiting for his luck to change. The 19-year-old started watching webinars and reading books on entrepreneurship to learn the secrets of other successful businessmen.

He quickly learned that one didn’t need a college degree or a large bank balance to become an entrepreneur. Damian applied the knowledge he gained from reading about other entrepreneurs to his own life. By the time he was 21-years-old, he had created his own successful venture from his girlfriend’s dorm room.

In less than a year of starting an enterprise, Damian was already earning more than $5000 a month in profit. His business was quickly growing which meant that he needed to quit college and focus all his energy on ensuring its success in the future. Damian says that he knew what he wanted from the get-go and why he wanted to reach his goals which helped tremendously in getting him to the point where he is today.

At the age of 21, Damian started a small business on Amazon and today he is a millionaire who also runs a consultancy business for thousands of small enterprises

The Importance of Education 

Despite being a college drop-out, Damian stresses on the importance of education as the foundation of any successful business. Even though he wasn’t able to finish school due to other priorities, the young entrepreneur had dedicated much of his time outside the classroom reading books and gaining as much knowledge as he could before founding his venture.

Damian says that the one piece of advice he would give to any aspiring entrepreneur is to not ignore their formal education. Instead, they must choose a major which is in line with the career path they want to pursue in the future and use their free time wisely to learn new things which would eventually help them develop the skills required to become successful.

Choose People Around You Wisely

Your company is just as important as your ambition for the success of your venture, says the young entrepreneur. At the most difficult point in his life, Damian had the support of his friends and girlfriend who listened to his ideas, believed in his abilities, and gave him helpful advice.

Today, Damian has authored three books on entrepreneurship and is the owner of three successful businesses. He says that he is always careful to choose who he works with and the people he employs because he understands the value of hardworking individuals and their collective impact on a firm.

What do you think is the secret to becoming a successful business owner?

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