One of the things that makes a lot of us want to become celebrities is the fact that it usually comes with whole lotta money. Yep, celebs don’t normally apply for a credit card loan, and they do love to own luxury real-estate indeed. So no wonder they can have an unbelievable net worth – just check out this list to find out what it is, and what earned them these crazy sums of money.

Francis Ford Coppola – $300m

Francis Ford Coppola is a legendary filmmaker and director in the Hollywood industry. His most notable and celebrated creation is the famous Godfather trilogy. His other notable works include The Conversation, Rumble Fish and The Rainmaker. Coppola’s glorious career has spanned over 5 decades and his numerous super hits have helped him bank a massive net worth which amounts to a whopping $300 million.

Brian Grazer – $400m

Legendary producer Brian Grazer has been around for many decades now and along with Ron Howard, the duo have made movies worth a staggering $13 billion. Some of his best works include iconic films like A Beautiful Mind and The Da Vinci Code. But now at the age of 67 and with more than $400 million to his name, even if Brian decides to retire, we can’t blame him. The man has achieved it all!

Taylor Swift – $360m


The female singer sets a new milestone for herself almost every year. She was initially a country rock singer but later became a true global superstar. She also romanced a couple of high-profile male friends such as Jake Gyllenhaal and the likes. Her total worth has reached $360 million, which explains why she can get a credit card loan almost instantly.

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