One of the things that makes a lot of us want to become celebrities is the fact that it usually comes with a whole lotta money. Yep, celebs don’t normally apply for a credit card loan, and they do love to own luxury real-estate indeed. So no wonder they can have an unbelievable net worth – just check out this list to find out what it is, and what earned them these crazy sums of money.

Kanye West – $160m

Kanye West almost seamlessly went from an unknown name to a world-renowned singer and record producer. He rose to fame after becoming a producer for famous record house Roc-A-Fella records in 2000. Later, he has produced many hit singles for various artists like Alicia Keys and Jay Z, so much so that he likely needed to open an account to accommodate his huge earnings. People who know Kanye are used to him speaking his mind, and his honesty may get him into hot water. The husband of Kim Kardashian has a net worth of around $160 million.

Miranda Lambert – $45m

Music is not only food for the soul, but you can say goodbye to all your financial woes from it. Take for example country musician Miranda Lambert, who has an eye-popping net worth of $45 million. So how did this lovely lady get here? Well, Miranda’s first exposure to the limelight was in the 2003 season of Nashville StarThough she didn’t win the contest, she came in at an impressive third! And it was only a matter of time before the record deals came calling. Today, she can rest easy knowing that her bank account is healthier than a newborn baby!

Olivia Munn – $12m

Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman is lucky to have won over this beautiful dame. We’re talking about the lovely Olivia Munn who has a net worth of $12 million. Her acting career kicked off by being a model for corporate campaigns such as Pepsi, Neutrogena, and Nike. She then went on to star in TV shows and films such as Scarecrow Gone Wild. Heck, she’s even written a book entitled Suck It, Wonder Woman: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek. Nowadays, Olivia likely has a financial advisor handy to help her deal with all those earnings.

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