During the new year, a number of famous couples have added to their families. It’s always an exciting time when they do because everyone loves babies, and the fans are always happy to see their favorite star’s little ones. There are various celebrities who have stated that they are expecting the stork to come their way during 2019, but a fair number have already received their packages. We saw Andy Cohen becoming a new famous father, and Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood had baby number two. See which famous celebs have been celebrating the start of 2019 because of the wonderful gift of parenthood.

Andy Cohen – Benjamin Allen Cohen

TV and radio talk show host, Andy Cohen is now a father. Cohen, who is the executive producer and host of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Bravo late at night, had a son born on the 4th of February. Named Benjamin Allen Cohen, the baby was born via a surrogate. Following the birth, Cohen publicly expressed his gratitude and admiration of the surrogate, as well as his love for the child, who he said was faring well. He’s been seen around town out with little Benjamin since. We saw Cohen doing cameo performances on television’s Riverdale during 2018, as the Lodge family’s friend.

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