Having a celebrity status brings with it the allure of fame and fortune, and that means nothing is off limits. Celebrities’ wealth and power in the world allow them to pretty much live the life we can only dream of, yet there are many celebs who go against this pattern. They might have a mortgage instead of buying their real estate outright and although their bank accounts are bulging, they have mastered the art of saving money. We’re going to look at some big-name celebrities who act just like normal people.

Michelle Obama – Shopping On A Budget

Michelle Obama is loved by almost everyone – mainly because of her down-to-earth attitude. During her stint at the White House, the former First Lady paid for her own clothes and was even seen wearing a $35 dress from H&M. She’s a great example for people all over the world and no doubt has the perfect credit score – which means not only does she dress in style; but she does so on a budget.