Every true tech-lover knows that good tech accessories have to enhance the main product and complement it. Regardless of what it is, those two have to work together perfectly to give you a perfect experience.

Unfortunately, accessories are often expensive. Some even go well into the three-digit price range, and that is sometimes too much for a slight improvement in the day-to-day usage. We are here to tell you that you do not need that overpriced addition because there are a few essential and cheap accessories that can make all the difference. It doesn’t matter what you need; it is all here.

Here are ten items that can make your life a bit easier, and they are all $20 or less.

Lock port

This is a definite theft deterrent that you need if you want your tech to stay where you left it. We suggest a lock with a key. You don’t have to remember a set of numbers; just don’t forget the key.

Bluetooth keyboard

Anker’s Bluetooth keyboards are light, compact, are easy to set up, and have a great battery life. They work with desktops, laptops, and tablets with no glitches. Every person has to have one!

Portable battery

Yes, the battery life of iOS and Android smartphones has gotten better lately, and they do have built-in modes for low power usage. Still, when you see your battery at 20% mid-flight, it makes you stressed. Skip that and get some external battery that has enough power to charge your phone many times before it needs a charge. Some even have two ports for simultaneous charging.

Flash drive

Yes, we know that the cloud is becoming more and more reliable. However, using it to transfer large files requires a speedy internet connection. Therefore, so it is still simpler to keep a flash drive close at hand. Our suggestion is this SanDisk with 64GB of storage, but there are many others that are equally good and cheap. This one is enough to hold hours of HD footage, thousands of documents, songs, and images. It transfers data at USB 3.0 speeds, so it is definitely quicker than older drives.

Pocket sized Bluetooth speaker

If you need superior sound or a booming bass, don’t get this. But, if you are looking for something portable to give you a decent sound, this is it. It provides 12hours’ worth of listening time. It also has Bluetooth and NFC and a standard 3.5mm jack. Just pick one!

Google Cardboard viewer

Do you like the idea of VR, but you don’t really feel like giving hundreds of dollars for this pleasure? Great! A Google Cardboard-compatible view from Minkanak can be just the fit for you. It offers a vast amount of experiences at a very low cost. Search for one on Amazon.

Phone stand

You don’t want to hold your phone in your hands all the time, right? When designing the stand, many manufacturers claim that it can accommodate anything from a smartphone to an iPad Mini. Some of them have a hole to thread a charging cable, so that’s convenient. They are made of aluminum and look fancy.


One product from Francois et Mimi has a couple of extra buds to balance the budget sound they produce. They are made of silicon and come with three tips of different sizes. Given that, they fit most people’s ears, so you don’t have to think about that when ordering. Also, they have a mic, so they are useful for phone calls. Overall, they are a good choice for day-to-day use. You could choose to buy others that are equally cheap as these.

Multi-port USB wall charger

If you ever had a fight at home over who will use the phone charger, you know that some multi-port hub is just what you need. You will be able to charge all of your devices before trips and make packing just a bit less stressful. Buy one even today to make your life easier!

A Laptop Bag

Amazon has its own line of laptop bags. They are not the prettiest ones, but their function, rather than their form, is what makes them the best budget option out there. They have bags for everything from 7 to 17-inch laptops. Every bag has three slots, so you can fit in the laptop, chargers, external batteries, cables or anything else you might need. The ordinary non-padded handles might be a bit uncomfortable, but the shoulder strap has a pad that will spare you the pain.

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