Somewhere in the middle of the Nevada desert is an old, abandoned road with no signs that leads to the widely mythicized Area 51. The top-secret military base is protected by scary trespassing signs, a boom gate and a chain-link fence that makes it near impossible for one to see what’s actually going on inside the facility.

But one photographer proved that nothing can be hidden for too long from the eye of the camera when he took some of the clearest images ever taken of Area 51 to solve the mystery behind the most secretive site in the world.

The location from where the photos were taken

Security on Area 51

For years, news reporters and other curious individuals have tried to take a closer look at the notorious Area 51, but the region is so heavily protected by the military, that it’s impossible to get past the trespassing signs without top security clearance.

The region is covered with surveillance cameras that watch every inch of the dessert and some even say that the security carefully monitors every single move animals that live in the desert make. White surveillance trucks with tinted windows also patrol the area, watching from a distant hill, waiting to catch anyone who attempts to enter the forbidden zone. So, what exactly happens at the military base that needs so much confidentiality?

‘Paradise Ranch’ Turned into a Top-Secret Military Base

Many myths and conspiracy theories surround the secret activities of Area 51 including speculations that the military base may be home to aliens and UFOs. While some have speculated that the wreckage from the legendary Roswell crash of 1947 is being kept at the base, others believe that the 1969 moon landing was faked on a movie set inside the area.

The YouTube channel owners, Tim Doyle and Tracey Doel, took the clearest photos that have ever been taken of Area 51.

Despite all the legends, what stands true about Area 51 is that it exists and is still being used as a secret military base for activities that have not been revealed to the rest of the world. The origination of Area 51 can be traced back to 1954 when President Eisenhower ordered the creation of a secret training and testing facility for the development of a U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. Since the location was in the middle of a stranded dessert, the facility was given the name ‘Paradise Ranch’ to attract engineers and workers.

New Images of Area 51 Emerge

Intrigued by the secrecy of Area 51, two people namely Tim Doyle and Tracey Doel, embarked on a journey to uncover the truth behind the hidden military base. The two, who own a YouTube channel, dedicated to finding evidence of extraterrestrial life on Earth, hiked up an 8,000-feet mountain called Tikaboo Peak in hopes of capturing photographs of any suspicious activities taking place on the military base.

Despite being 25 miles away from the top-secret site, the pair was able to use their powerful camera with long distance lens to produce high-quality images of the site. Conspiracy theorists around the world are claiming that these never-seen-before images are the clearest that have ever been taken of Area 51.

Drone view from Tikaboo Peak

Conspiracy Theories and Myths Surrounding the Area

The existence of Area 51 was only officially confirmed a few years ago by former President Barak Obama after he took office. Many conspiracy theorists have been doing everything they can to connect the dots and find out the truth that the U.S government has been hiding from them for decades.

Witnesses living close to the area have claimed regular UFO sightings but none of them have been able to provide any substantial evidence to back their claims. There are other theories suggesting that scientists working on the base have invented a time machine to travel into the future or teleportation devices to move physical objects from one place to another in a fraction of a second.

Some conspiracy theorists have even gone as far as claiming that U.S has found a way to alter and manipulate weather to cause hurricanes and hailstorms on enemy territory.

What do You Think is Happening in Area 51?

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