Victims Of The Columbine Tragedy

The Columbine tragedy was indeed horrific but Marilyn Manson has been stating that the incident derailed and ruined his career.

During an interview with the Guardian recently, the singer shared the results of being accused of being associated with the shootings at Columbine and the effect it had on his life. It was falsely reported that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were both fans of Manson and the music created by the singer was responsible for the incident. Manson and the music he created were both unfairly drawn into the controversy of being responsible for pushing Klebold and Harris into the shooting rampage.

How Did The Accusations Affect The Career of Marilyn Manson?

Did accusations of the Columbine tragedy Affect the career of Marilyn Manson?

The Columbine tragedy is being squarely blamed by Manson for putting his career off-track and also ruining it.

Manson presently states that he faced a backlash of being connected to a heinous crime which was responsible for devastating his career as a musician.

Manson has also mentioned that Klebold and Harris would have been better off had they simply purchased his records. At the same time, Manson also made a statement that some people were blaming him for the shootings in the schools going on to say his numbers were low but hopefully things could change on this record. However, Manson maintained that the Columbine incident destroyed his entire career when it happened.

The Repercussions Of The Columbine Tragedy On Marilyn Manson

What were The repercussions of The Columbine tragedy on Marilyn Manson?

Marilyn Manson explains he had to counter the following repercussions following the Columbine incident:

  • A boycott from people.
  • Picketing at his concerts.
  • Multiple death threats being made to him every day.

Manson’s career never recovered, despite being defended personally and dismissing accusations that he was in any way having an association with the culprits. The horrific actions of the tragedy perpetrated by Klebold and Harris overshadowed any statements made by Manson. Public opinion of Manson also did not seem to waver despite the eloquent fight Manson had in a documentary titled “Bowling for Columbine” which was produced by Michael Moore against the people that hated him.

At the moment, Manson is promoting his new album Heaven Upside down, which is due for release on October 7, 2017, but he continues to blame the Columbine tragedy for upsetting his career. Manson, however, wasn’t hounded out after business or disappeared completely as a singer. He continues to remain in the business of making music and portraying different roles over the years. Undoubtedly, the false accusations of the incident in Colorado may have had an impact on his career but questions will still be raised whether the incident is solely responsible for the low sales figures of Manson’s records.

Singer’s and movie artists have been portraying different types of roles when performing for movies or on the stage. Incidents such as the Columbine tragedy have been occurring regularly with no changes expected in the near future. Marlon Brando portrayed the character of The Godfather in the movie which was released in the 70s. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been portrayed as The Terminator in multiple sequels. These movies were violent and certainly had the power to influence minds of various people some of whom could be similar to Klebold and Harris. The reality is they never did.

Marilyn Manson was involved in creating music which is supposed to calm people according to scientific evidence provided by the medical fraternity. Many people are happy they followed Manson and listened to the music he created and also commented that his music had made their lives better. Under the circumstances, a few questions beg to be raised. Is Manson just trying to cover up the fact that his records are not selling in huge numbers? Is Manson attempting to evoke media sympathy in his favor with the simple intention to enhance sales? Did Klebold and Harris make any statements mentioning the music of Manson as the motivating factor for the Columbine incident? Has there been any evidence produced in the courts of law proving the Columbine incident was responsible for the disruption of Manson’s career?

Manson has the freedom to blame the world for his lack of success or success at failure. However, he also needs to answer the questions which have been raised. It is not our intention to absolve Klebold and Harris of the crime they were involved in. However, we certainly believe Manson is using an incident simply to gain public sympathy via the media.

Would Marilyn Manson be more successful otherwise? Let us know your thoughts!

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