We are all entitled to our own opinions. Whenever we say something about another party, they will either take it as a constructive critic or just a plain old insult. For the case of Disney and LA Times, things got complicated when they didn’t meet eye to eye when it came to views and opinions.

Disneyland Theme Park in Anaheim, California

What Started The Feud

The LA Times should have done something pretty serious for Disney to go to the extent of banning them from their preview screenings, right? Just last September, they published a very long article about the business links between Disney and Anaheim.

Basically, the article didn’t make Disney look good despite the numerous deals it had with the city. The people from Disney who saw the article said that it was “biased and unfair” so they clearly wanted to cut the ties they had with the LA Times.

Jose F. Moreno, the politician who claimed that other politicians prioritized Disney over the citizens of Anaheim

Ever since the article surfaced the internet and was read by numerous of people, Disney did no longer welcome critics from the LA Times to attend their advanced screenings. These advanced screenings are supposedly a place used for critics to watch a certain movie before it is released in order to build a constructive review.

They are also granted the chance to talk to the celebrities from the movies. By the time the movie is released, there’s already a review that is published that could attract more audience. LA Times was banned at the time the movie, Thor: Ragnarok, hit the cinemas so they weren’t able to publish any review for the movie.

Here Comes The Backup

Disney thought that their move to ban the LA Times won’t really affect them that much—they were wrong. Seems like the LA Times was a good one when it came to congeniality because people from The Washington Times and The New York Times actually backed them up.

The famous New York Times building in New York City

People from The Washington Times and The New York Times vowed that they would also not be attending further advanced screenings as long as the LA Times remains banned. The New York Times released a statement saying, ” A powerful company punishing a news organization for a story they do not like is meant to have a chilling effect. This is a dangerous precedent and not at all in the public interest.”

The Washington Times stood by their word and even gave up the chance to get a first-hand look at the upcoming Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Concluding It Was A Wrong Move

A joint statement by The Los Angeles Critics Association, The New York Film Critics Circle, The Boston Society of Film Critics, and the US’s National Society of Film Critics was released saying that year-end awards would not be applicable to Disney movies as long as the LA Times is banned.

They pointed out how contradicting Disney’s move was since we have a free press. People from the UK Critics’ Circle also stood by their fellow Critics’ circles.

             Current CEO of Disney, Bob Iger

By now, Disney probably knew that there were just too much odds against them and that they are really not going to win this battle. Two months of a serious backlash against them was strong enough to affect their sales and reputation.

Can you imagine how the big bosses of Disney felt after seeing major Critics circles go against them? They must have been bummed! Well, for now, they seemed to have forgotten the feud since they already decided to lift the ban and allow the LA Times’ critics to attend their advanced screenings again.

This event shows how strong and destroying the Press can really be. One wrong move can lead to a series of chain reactions that would not be good even for one of the most well-established companies such is Disney. We just hope the critics from the LA Times don’t keep grudges because you never know when they’ll feel like publishing an article that won’t be favorable for the people at Disney again.

Does this change everything you thought about Disney?

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