It has almost been a year since Donald Trump became President of the United States but he still finds himself tangled in controversies which become bigger and bigger with each passing day. The latest bombshell that has stirred fury is Trump’s racist remark about people belonging to Haiti and Africa.

But even the ones who are most offended by Trump’s harsh words are not surprised by the President’s lack of respect for immigrants from other countries – after all, this isn’t the first time he has engaged in racist rhetoric.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Trump has engaged in racist rhetoric.

Trump wants the immigrants of ‘filthy countries’ out of the U.S.

Sources claim that Trump referred to Haiti and African countries as ‘filthy countries’ while talking to a group of senators during a White House meeting. The news was first reported by Washington Post which stated that El Salvador was also one of the nations Trump made the nasty comment on.

Several influential politicians and human rights activists have come forth with words of condemnation against President’s comments. The foreign minister of Haiti has also demanded clarification on the remarks, saying that if the news is confirmed, Trump’s actions are shameful and racist.

The two sources who briefed on the White House meeting said that the comment was made during a part of the conversation about immigrants from Haiti and president demanded to ‘take them out’ because the United States ‘doesn’t need more Haitians.’ One of the senators in the meeting responded that if immigrants were told to leave the country, Trump’s racism would become too obvious.

The foreign minister of Haiti has demanded clarification on the remarks, saying that if the news is confirmed, Trump’s actions are shameful and racist.

Politicians React to Trump’s Outrageous Remarks

Democrats and Republicans have both declared Trump’s words unacceptable and even the human rights spokesman for the UN, Rupert Colville, expressed his shock over the recent news saying that the President’s remarks go against the universal values of respect and tolerance.

Colville elaborated that Trump’s racist attitude indicates that anyone belonging to a country whose population is not white, is not welcome in the United States. In his defense, the U.S. president released a statement saying that although the language he used during the meeting was harsh, he never actually said the offending phrase.

The news comes just when Haiti commemorates the disastrous earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands of people seven years ago and destroyed the houses of many more. Former president of the disaster-stricken country said that the world has never heard anything like this before from a president of a reputable country.

Haiti has been hit by both, natural disasters and political crises

Lamothe recorded his remark in a twitter post saying that Trump has reached a new level of ignorance and this time, his words are ‘totally unacceptable’. A senior official from the State Department told CNN that US charge d’affaires will meet the Haitian president later this week to discuss more details on the issue.

Haitian and Salvadoran Immigrants in Danger

Haiti had received a Temporary Protected Status (TPS) ever since the earth quake, a status that allows its citizens residing in the United States to extend their stay until the country has been taken off the TPS list.

In late 2017, Trump administration decided to end Haiti’s TPS designation, putting the protection of thousands of Haitian immigrants in danger. Earlier this week, El Salvador was also taken off the TPS list according to the statement given by Department of Homeland Security, ending the protection of 200,000 Salvadorans in the process.

The Salvadorian Foreign Minister also took this opportunity to remind Trump of the contributions his country had made for the United States including the rebuilding of New Orleans after the Katrina disaster. The U.S diplomats rushed to assure Al Salvador that they had nothing but respect and love for the country.

The US envoy to El Salvador also tried to cover up the damage in a tweet saying that he is honored to work with Salvadorians and get to live in their beautiful country every day.

Politicians from African countries are also condemning Trump’s words demanding the United States to give them an explanation for his racist remarks. Human rights activists in Africa are fighting back, calling it the most beautiful continent in the world with the most hardworking people – calling it filthy is simply unacceptable.

Do you think Trump’s occasional racist comments have crossed the line?

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