The world is in a terrible, vulnerable state, where most of the world leaders are working hard to achieve world peace but there are some lawless elements who want to spread fear and terror for their own personal desires. They want to create a rift between people and divide them forcefully, whether it is from religious beliefs or some other principles in life. And finally, they want us to fight against each other in order to spread chaos and war. It’s indeed a terrible phenomenon that’s been happening in the world.

Millions of innocent civilians were caught in the crossfire between these two opposing forces and they were forced to deal with the collateral damage. Sometimes, at a cost of sacrificing their own lives. And just this week, the world was plunged with Chaos again, as another attack erupted in Las Vegas, Nevada. Let us recall what happened and let’s find out more about the shooter behind the terrible attack.

Las Vegas Shooting Incident

Crime Scene of the Las Vegas Shooting Incident.

This catastrophic shooting incident happened at Mandalay Bay, last Sunday, where thousands of people attended an outdoor country music festival. Stampede and terror shocks erupted as bullets started flying out of nowhere and many people from the audience first thought it was fireworks. Then, before they knew it, some people have collapsed and ended up lying in a puddle of their blood. This shooting incident resulted in slaughtering around 59 people (and the death toll is still rising as of now) and leaving around 500 people (and counting) injured. This shooting incident was considered as the largest mass shooting that ever happened throughout the U.S. history.

The Suspect Behind the Shooting Incident

Photo of Stephen Paddock, the Suspect in Las Vegas Shooting

Photo of Stephen Paddock, the Suspect in Las Vegas Shooting

The police authority had identified the suspect in the mass shooting as Stephen Paddock, a 64-year old Nevada retiree who killed himself before the police authorities stormed inside his hotel room on the 32nd floor, just 80 miles away from Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. The police were appalled to see that the suspect’s room was loaded with weapons and ammo. The authorities had recovered 23 guns from his hotel room and around 19 more in his home at Mesquite, Nevada, Clark. County Assistant Sheriff Todd Fasulo also said that they discovered more frightening weapons such as scopes and rifles at the resort as well as improvised explosive in the premises of his home.

Police Authorities during the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

The reasons behind Stephen Paddock’s mass destruction still remain a mystery as the suspect didn’t have any notable criminal record before. The immediate family and even the police authorities still have no clue as to what his motive can be.

   Even Paddock’s brother had no answers.

“We’re still just completely befuddled. Dumbstruck,” Eric Paddock said in Orlando, Florida.

Latest Development Stories About the Shooting Incident

Local Sheriff also confirmed the presence of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) during the crime incident. They also coordinated with the SWAT team to enter the hotel room of Stephen Paddock. Several simultaneous vigils were held on Monday to honor the victims. Communities from Reno and Las Vegas had marched to the University of Nevada Las Vegas to offer a prayer vigil for the victims. The community members had also started sharing and reminiscing great memories they experienced with their loved ones who are the victims of the shooting.One of them is Sandra Casey, who was a special education teacher in Manhattan Beach, California. She went to Las Vegas last Sunday and sadly was killed during the shooting incident. The Manhattan Beach Unified School District were deeply saddened when they heard the news.

“We lost a spectacular teacher who devoted her life to helping some of our most needy students,” school board President Jennifer Cochran said.”

Another victim that fell was Sonny Melton, who was an employee of Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee. Melton was their registered nurse. Even if he was unfortunate enough to survive, his wife was given another chance to live in this world as she survived the firing.

People have Gathered to Offer a Prayer Vigil to the Victims of Las Vegas ShootingPeople have Gathered to Offer a Prayer Vigil to the Victims of Las Vegas Shooting

These were just the tip of the thousands of pleas and miseries the witnesses had shared during the vigil. Their hearts wept for those who’ve lost their lives over senseless acts. They felt as if everyone was drying around them. It was heart-wrenching to know that this joyous festival had turned into a bloody massacre.

How can we prevent the bloody massacres from happening in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments…

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