Before the rise of J. Co Donuts, Krispy Kreme, and other doughnut shops, we all probably grew up with just Dunkin Donuts. In fact, we dare to say that our childhood days were fulfilled eating these delicious donut treats. Not to mention we’ve also grown to love those assorted Glazed munchkins! Who can resist them? Suffice to say that even if other high-class doughnut shops had already beaten them in terms of food innovation and variety, Dunkin Donuts always seem to have a special place. However, it now seems our hearts will get broken.

Dunkin Donuts’ History and Success

Dunkin Donuts Was Founded in 1950

Dunkin Donuts was founded in 1950.

Dunkin Donuts is an American global donut company that was funded in 1950 by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts. Ever since it’s funding, the company has grown into one of the largest coffee and doughnut shops in the world. They have established around more than 12,000 restaurants worldwide! Before J. Co, and other popular doughnut shops had emerged, Dunkin Donuts main competitor was Mister donuts. However, the giant company had acquired the franchise in February 2017, by Allied-Lyons. After the acquisition, names of their stores in the United States were changed to Dunkin Donuts. The only remaining Mister Donuts franchises you can see nowadays are headquartered in Japan with also 1,300 stores.

It seems that Dunkin Donuts just pulled out about one-third of its variants on menus in about 1000 stores.

Dunkin Dnonuts to Reduce Their Food Menu from 30 to 18

Dunkin Donuts is reducing their food menu from 30 to 18 options.

Nation’s Restaurant News reports that around 1000 stores will have to cut their offerings of donut variants from 30 down to 18. That’s about half of their flavor variants being cut off. But before you fret on the fact that your favorite donut flavor might be at stake, Dunkin’ President David Hoffman was quick to reassure the public that it may go back up to 20 options, depending on customer’s demands. It seems this sudden change was triggered because the company is attempting to reset its business while trying to boost their efficiency, productivity, and customer service. Furthermore, the President told Nation’s Restaurant that the menu revamp was “one of the most aggressive simplification efforts” he’d been a part of.     

Dunkin Donuts Introduces New Flavors as a Replacement to the Removed Variants

Dunkin Donut to Focus on Beverages and Introduce New Flavors

Dunkin Donut will focus on beverages and introduce new flavors.

President Hoffman of Dunkin Donuts also said that while they knew that their customers would be disappointed by the removal, they hope that their feelings will be lifted and replaced by excitement when they get to introduce the new flavors they’re testing out. The company is also now focusing on making new offerings with intriguing flavors and combinations that customers will surely patronize. Aside from that, the company will also focus on serving beverages in pair with their donut menus.

“Simplification isn’t about saving your way to prosperity,” Hoffmann said. “It’s about creating room for growth to position yourself as a beverage-led, on-the-go brand.”

Dunkin Donuts Also Set to Reduce Trans Fat To Make Their Donuts Healthier.

Dunkin Donuts smart healthy menu.

Also, the Dunkin Donuts has assured the public that along with their continuous efforts to introduce new flavors and variations, they will also make sure that their donuts are healthier. The company knows that their customer’s demands have changed over the past years. Since a handful of American and the world’s populations are hesitant to eat more doughnuts in fear of spiking up their blood sugar, they make sure to reduce their fat content. Just this month, Dunkin Donuts decided to further reduce their trans-fat content for their food menu.

This also includes switching their oil usage to palm, soybeans, and cottonseed. This will first be implemented in the United States and international locations are also expected to follow their step very soon. They’re set to launch their DDSmart Menu which will feature healthy version of donut products with 25% reduced calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar, and sodium content. So, for those health-conscious eaters, you won’t need to worry about depriving yourself of this delicious treat anymore. You can now indulge in your sweet tooth without worrying about gaining weight.

Do you love Dunkin Donuts? Let us know how you feel about the drastic changes in their offering!

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