As Hurricane Maria lambasted Puerto Rico just a few weeks ago, this country had experienced a wreck and destruction. Its famous Guajataca dam broke, which led to flooding around the country. Millions of buildings, households, and establishment went into shambles as the heavy torrent of rain and landslides tormented the area. Now, the country had declared a humanitarian crisis due to a shortage of food and shelter, as well as access to drinking water. Even the authorities who were supposed to lead the rescue mission were incapacitated against the forces of nature. And now, the country is still struggling to get back on its feet because they don’t have enough power to sustain the electricity and business operations of the country. Because of this, Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave a tempting offer to the governor that he can’t seem to refuse.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Offers Power Electricity to Puerto Rico

Due to the power crisis, Tesla’s CEO tweeted on Thursday that his company is capable of rebuilding Puerto Rico’s power grid which will be run by solar power and batteries.

“The Tesla team has done this for many smaller islands around the world, but there is no scalability limit, so it can be done for Puerto Rico too,” the tech billionaire tweeted on Thursday.

However, the billionaire CEO was quick to add that before they get to construct power grids and solar panels around the country, the project needs the approval of the federal government and the country’s stockholders.

This offer started when one of Musk’ followers tweeted and tagged him to take over the project. Ever since this tweet is making a buzz on the Internet. Many people all over the world are wondering whether or not the federal government will take the offer. Fortunately, this tweet reached the government’s side, as the Puerto Rican governor himself replied to this tweet. You can read it below:

This reply seems intriguing whether or not the Governor was sincere with his reply. It seems the Governor think that the U.S island territory could become Musk’s solar “flagship project.”

Puerto Rico’s Power Grid Further Diminished After Hurricane Maria

As stated above, the wrath of Hurricane Maria left the island devastated, destroying thousands of shelters, houses, and agriculture. But even before the Hurricane struck, Puerto Rico’s power grid was already fragile. The island only has one energy provider, which is the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority and is already $9 billion in debt. The grid had also suffered from constant power outage because of poor maintenance and lack of budget, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Musk’s offer may be the solution to Puerto Rico’s power grid problem, especially after the destruction of Hurricane Maria. If the project is to be approved, this will be Musk’s greatest breakthrough project ever. He’s been successful with these offers and deals in the past, though in smaller scales unlike now.

Tesla Technologies’ Recent Breakthrough Solar Projects

In November 2016, the company helped a 17-mile squared island in American Samoa that was once reliant on diesel fuel as their power source and it was replaced solely by solar energy. The Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Interior and the American Samoa Power Authority had helped Tesla to fund the project with $8 million to establish the 7-acre solar farm on the island. It has the capability of storing the energy of 60 Tesla Power Packs that can provide electricity to at least 600 household residences for at least three days without the sun, according to the National Geographic.

Tesla's Solar Farm in American Samoa

Tesla’s solar farm in American Samoa

And this year, Tesla also finished a large project with a solar farm on the island of Kauai, Hawaii with 50 acres of land. It is estimated to serve at least 4,500 residences. If this project is pushed through, around 3,515 square miles land is needed and around 3.4 million people will benefit from it. Suffice to say that this could be Tesla’s most ambitious project so far!

Should Government of Puerto Rico approve Tesla’s proposal? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this ambitious project.

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