While the world is still plunged with the deadly mass shooting that happened in the United States, the mystery surrounding the Las Vegas Shooter still continues to lurk around our shadows. While we condemn the deceased suspect for what he’d done, we also couldn’t help but wonder what drove him to commit the act. Even the authorities still have no clue what the motive could be with no criminal record and the apparent kind and good person he was according to his friends and colleagues. The latest mystery adding to his intentions was his generous act towards his girlfriend.

Stephen Paddock sends his girlfriend to the Philippines before committing the heinous act

The Man Behind the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

The man behind the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Just days before the Las Vegas Shooter committed the crime, Stephen sent his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, to the Philippines so that he wouldn’t be able to harm her. It seems that Stephen Paddock still had some kindness in him because even if he intended to kill everyone in the music area, he didn’t want to harm his girlfriend. He bought her an airline ticket to visit her relatives.

His girlfriend didn’t dare to question Paddock intentions, as they had an abusive relationship, according to some sources. In fact, one staff overheard them quarreling and berating over a cup of coffee while ordering in a Starbucks shop. The Starbucks workers stated that Paddock’s girlfriend quietly accepted his verbal abuse and didn’t say a word. However, Danley’s lawyer seemed to contradict this rumor as he read a statement from his client.

People Docking and Hiding to Save Themselves from Las Vegas Mass Shooting

People docking and hiding to save themselves from shooting

“Stephen Paddock was a kind, caring, quiet man.” She said that she was “devastated by the deaths and injuries,” and explained, in the statement, that he never said anything or took any action that would lead her to know of his plans of committing a heinous crime.

Danley Knew of Paddock’s “Fascination” with guns

The girlfriend confirmed that she knew about his hobby for collecting guns. In fact, she confirmed that he stocked so many guns inside his home. However, she didn’t dare telling anyone about guns, as she assumed it was a normal thing for Americans to possess so many weapons. Many residents in Las Vegas Nevada own many weapons, especially if they’re gun collectors. Danley assumed he’s purchasing so many weapons to start a business of some sort.

Marilou Danley is Stephen Paddock's Girlfriend

Marilou Danley is Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend

After Danley’s arrival to the Philippines, she learned that her boyfriend had deposited whopping $100,000 in her bank account. While owning $100,000 is not considered as a lot of money for a multi-millionaire in the United States, its value triples when you spend it in cash in the Philippines, especially since the exchange rate is insanely high. The authorities had speculated that maybe he gave his girlfriend the money in order for her to start a new life in her homeland after he committees the bloody massacre.

The good thing about Danley is that she volunteered to return from the Philippines in order for the probe, which proves her willingness to cooperate as the authorities conduct an investigation. She met with the FBI when she returned to the United States, and although she’s a person of interest, she wasn’t arrested. She’s consistent with the claim that she hasn’t had knowledge regarding Paddock’s plan of a mass shooting.


Police Authorities who Responded to Las Vegas Shooting

Police authorities who responded to Las Vegas shooting

While the investigation is still on-going, we can only hope that Danley will be cleared from all the allegations if she’s indeed innocent. If not, then she may have to face the horrible consequences of their criminal acts and be imprisoned. Whatever the outcome be, we’re only sure of one thing though. In the end, the ones who suffered the most from this tragedy were the victims who lost their lives in vain and their families. Those victims who just happened to be in a wrong place at a wrong time and they got caught in the crossfire. Let us continue to hope and pray for the victim’s peace and that their grieving families would overcome this tragic chapter in life. Now, more than ever, we need to unite in order to move forward and prevent this catastrophe from happening again.

What hides behind Stephen Paddock? Was he able to love anyone? We’d love to hear your thoughts…


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