Most people’s life goal is to be able to travel the world. And when we talk about traveling, there’s no doubt that you’ve included a trip to Europe on your bucket list. Europe is a continent that is rich with a blend of Western, Irish, Greek, and Celtic cultures, which you would surely love to discover. It can offer a vast of variety ranging from the ancient and medieval settings of magnificent towers, palaces, to bustling modern European cities and skyscrapers. Europe is also rich in thick, raw, and evergreen environments and the famous Northern Lights that you would surely love to explore. There’s no doubt that  European countries have so much to offer. 

However, as much as you’d want d to explore the beauty and grandeur of Europe, it can be difficult if you are not from an EU member state. For one, obtaining a visa can be a long and tedious process. Also, touring  Europe is an expensive undertaking. Most European countries are first world countries, so it is only natural that living standards here are high. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t discourage you from touring Europe as you can still do it within your budget.

Here are the top five affordable and beautiful European cities visit without draining your pockets.

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” — George A. Moore

Seville, Spain


For those who didn’t know, Seville is the birthplace of the famous Flamenco dance. Instead of paying a hefty amount to travel to the US to watch a dance presentation of this, why not go to its original hometown? You can save a lot as the Flamenco dance here is completely free to view! In fact, you can watch some of the Spanish dancing it on streets!

If you time your travel around April, you will witness the infamous ‘Feria de Abril’ festival. Witness this passionate dance as well as the hospitality of the Spaniards as you enjoy this festival. What’s more? It will only cost you around  $30 on Airbnb to avail a double sized bed for your accommodation. That’s a great deal, isn’t it?

Porto, Portugal

The great thing about visiting Porto is that it’s incredibly affordable and some of its famous accommodations and features are free! In fact, a decent double bedroom will only cost you around $20! Listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1996, this second largest city in Portugal is the home to the famous Porto cathedrals. You also get to see the intricate painting of São Bento Railway Station, which was inaugurated in 191. Ponte de Dom Luis I bridge will enable you to get the best views over Porto. And like we said before, exploring these beautiful landmarks is absolutely free! You can also taste their mouthwatering local wine for just $3USD.

Berlin, Germany


Germany is one of the most expensive and developed countries around the world. However, believe us when we say that its capital is relatively affordable. In fact, a comfortable bedroom for a couple will only cost you around $25 and a dinner night out only cost around $8-16.

You can also enjoy their delicious street foods such as kebab or currywurst that only costs around $3. Berlin has a lot of museums to explore especially if you’re a student. In such a case, you will visit at a discounted price. The Berlin Wall is also a must-see tourist spot as it symbolizes the unity of the German people.   

Prague, Czech Republic

Even if the Czech currency has been increasingly stabilizing over the past few years, you can still travel to this prominent city at an affordable price. In fact, you can rent a cozy double-sized bedroom for just $20. The great thin about visiting this city is that you can explore the majestic Prague Castle for only $10! Yes, you read it right! You can explore its beauty and grandeur imagining that you’re a part of royalty. Isn’t that great?

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is one of the most affordable cities you can find in Western Europe. Just like the Prague, Krakow is also listed as one of the best destinations in Europe. Here, you will find the historical Europe filled with monuments and churches, which will give you an aura of classical Europe. You can also visit the Auschwitz Concentration Camps where the remnants of the War the Poles have substantially endured.

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