During the past 13 days, authorities have been searching for the missing Mississippi father who allegedly left his son stranded in the woods for more than 24 hours.

According to Jody Ashley Wayne County Sheriff, on Oct. 18, Richard Dearman stranded his 5-year-old child after telling him to wait by a tree until he returned.

What made him disappear all of a sudden risking his child’s life?

Sheriff Jody Ashley said that:  “He told him (his little boy) that he thought the law was behind him.” He also said that: “They would turn down a dirt road, they would get out the vehicle way in the woods in a wooded area. He would tell him to stand by a tree and wait and he would be back to get him.”

When police investigated they found Dearman’s truck at the location. After 24 hours, soon after the child woke up alone and wandered for nearly a mile in the wild woods searching for his father, he was found by a homeowner who lived in the Brewertown community. The little lad had also some minor nicks.

It’s really sad and disturbing to find someone so irresponsible…Do you think something has happened to him while he was returning back?

There are lots of questions that are hovering in the minds of Mississippians…

While his sister Morgan Dearman understands the depth of this gruesome mistake,  she is now mostly worried about her brother. She posted a note on Facebook addressing people to help her and the police to find the missing man. 

“I know everyone has seen the WDAM post of Facebook and news last night. What Rick did was wrong and I understand. I know he needs to face the consequences for what he did to my nephew.! I’m not defending him on that matter.! But I do know that my brother was not the Rick I know when he left here Tuesday.! He needs help and he is still missing.! We still love him and still want to know that he is alive and ok.! He’s still my brother no matter what and not everyone knows what kind of state of mind he was in or his past.! If I see any bad mouthing on any post of him, I will not remain quiet about it.! Blood is blood and will stand by his side.!”

She also posted a personal message on Facebook for Richard Dearman saying, “Rick, please come home or call us and let us know you are okay.! You are not in trouble we just want you home.! We love you and miss you and we are very worried about you and want you home bubba! Please call me and I’ll come get you.!”

Morgan Dearman’s message to her brother.

A lot of people are feeling disturbed with such an irresponsible behaviour and bursting out their anger on Facebook.

“It makes you mad he would do something like this,” Ashley told about Dearman’s case. “There are a lot of things that could have happened to this child in the woods. I don’t know a history of drug arrests with this man or not, we are checking everything, but we are cutting warrants for him now.”

Ashley also added that he was last seen wearing a white t-shirt with and black gym shorts. He has green eyes, brown hair and a goatee. Sheriff Ashley also said once found, he will be charged with the child endangerment and will possibly face even more charges.

We don’t know what must have happened with Richard Dearman… These question still need to be answered before we could actually figure out why he left his little boy in the woods… Have your say and to let us know your opinion on this bizarre, weird case.

A mistake or a crime – what do you think?

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