When Donald Trump’s long-time physician claimed during the 2016 election campaign that the diet-coke-drinking, exercise-averse, McDonald’s-loving candidate would become the healthiest president in the history, no one really believed him – and for good reason.

Now, Dr. Harold Bornstein, who was fired by Trump for revealing to the press that he gave the President Propecia to stimulate hair growth, is finally telling the truth about the glowing health report, and how everything mentioned in the letter was basically written by Trump himself.

Trump recently fired his physician Dr. Harold Bornstein for revealing to the press that he gave the President Propecia to stimulate hair growth

The Extraordinary Health Letter

At the age of 70, Donald Trump’s medical report from the 2016 election campaign was hundred times better than a 25-year-old athlete – probably because it was just a fabricated story written by Dr. Trump himself. The letter said that his ‘physical strength and stamina were extraordinary’ and if elected for the role, he would become the healthiest president in the history of United States.

The letter filled with medical superlatives and praise for the president raised eyebrows especially after he accused Hillary Clinton for being too weak for the leadership role, simply because her medical report wasn’t as remarkable as his – but at least it was honest. In an interview with CNN last week, the off-beat doctor revealed that Trump’s letter was basically an autobiography written by the president himself. Bornstein said, “He dictated that whole letter. I just played along.”

The doctor explained that the letter was dictated to him over the phone as Trump drove through the Central Park with Melania, while Bornstein advised him about the language he could and couldn’t use in a formal medical letter. Within a few hours of the phone call, Trump’s men came to pick up the letter from the clinic and that was that. The doctor said that the letter reminded him of the movie Fargo where the truth is morphed into a false reality.

Trump has Used Similar Tactics in the Past

The shocking situation is a reminder of several tactics Trump has used in the past to make his lies seem more convincing, including the time he used a fake persona under the pseudonym ‘John Barron’ to claim a spot on Forbes’ 400 list. Jonathan Greenberg, a former writer for Forbes magazine, said that he received an anonymous call from a man named John Barron in the 80’s who spoke highly of the future president and his powerful real estate empire.

Even though the caller used a thick New York accent, Greenberg was certain that it was the President himself who was using a fake voice to lie about his riches and convince the journalists that his name belonged on Forbes’ list of wealthiest businessmen in the country.

Bornstein said that Trump basically dictated the entire letter on a phone call and sent his men to collect the fabricated reports a few hours later

Fired for Revealing Embarrassing Detail

After his fake health letter was made public, Donald Trump posted a long twitter thread of self-glorification in which he said that mental stability and intelligence are two of his biggest assets, and the fact that he was able to transition from a television star to president in his very first try is a proof that he is a ‘stable genius’.

The only mistake that blew off his cover this time was involving a real person in his committing the dirty deed.  Bornstein says that he decided to speak out only now because he was angry that the President fired him for revealing the medicine he uses to grow his hair to a newspaper.

In an interview with NBC, the doctor revealed that Trump’s secretary fired him over a phone call after the incident and soon, the White House security personnel showed up at his clinic to take away all of Trump’s health reports

The White House confirmed that Trump’s medical records were taken into possession by the medical unit as part of a standard procedure.

The records were confiscated only two days after The New York Times published an article which revealed the medicine Trump used to grow his hair. The president cut all ties with Bornstein for revealing the embarrassing detail, killing his aspirations of becoming the president’s official White House physician.

Do you think Bornstein is telling the truth about the President’s medical reports or is it simply a way to seek revenge after Trump decided to fire him?

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