Ever since we were young, we’ve been taught that friendship is an important connection or relationship that we need to have in life. Friends are what we consider as our anchors and our strength when we’re feeling lonely. They are there to celebrate with us all the right moment and milestones in life. Friends are also there to guide us, help us, and support us when we encounter difficult times in life. 

However, not all friends are like that. Many are the times we cry in despair and agony due to broken friendships and relationships. Some of our friends are only there because they have an ill intention or they’re after for something. How do we identify which friendship are genuine and not?

Here are the four types of friends that you only need in your life to be happy and contented. These types of friends are to be treasured at all times. 

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.” – Hubert H. Humphrey

A Friend Who Reassures You In Every Way

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All of us are vulnerable and insecure in one way or another. We always have some weak spots. Often,  we’re afraid of sharing our thoughts because we’re afraid of letting our friends down or worse, we’re afraid that they leave us for it. Therefore,  we tend to hide our feelings. 

However, your true friend will not let you do that. A true friend will reassure you that no matter what happens, he or she will always be on your side.Despite what you do, a friend should be willing to accept you as you are. A true friend understands enough to tolerate your actions. You don’t need to put up a farce just to impress or please him. A true friend will only require you to be you and won’t leave your side for trivial things.

A Friend Will Help You to Clear Your Mind

Have you noticed how you’re generous to your friends when it comes to a piece of advice yet you find it hard to apply it to yourself? It’s because if sometimes, one encounters certain situations that make them blind and illogical. Often, the heart conflicts with the mind. This conflict causes us to cloud our judgment. 

A true friend will always be there to help you in making the right decisions. He or she may not be able to dictate to you on what to do, but at least he/she should guide you to the correct path. Your friend will also always be there to reprimand you if you do a wrong thing. A friend will never let you endanger or harm yourself in any way. 

Our Friends Form A Network To Achieve Our Goals


We form friendships because we share hobbies, passions, insights in life, or common interests. Our inlined insights in life allow us to support each other in difficult times. Real friends will always be there to support you in achieving your dreams. If not, he or she is not your true friend. 

Lastly, A True Friend Shares Funny and Silly Moments With Us

Life and work make us stressed, so friends should be there to help lift things up for us. They are there to help us loosen up and have some fun in life. Our friends are there to help us have some fun, and of course, they are also there to accept all your craziness and silliness with open arms. They should not judge or belittle your character.


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