There’s no doubt that the world of shopping and retail industry is evolving even as we speak. From shopping and lining in the queue at a brick and mortar store, we now have shifted our trends to online shopping as it is becoming more convenient for us. In just few clicks we’re able to buy items or products that we want without going through the hassle of lining to the long queue in the cashier’s booth. What’s more, most online shopping retailers like Amazon offer free shipping which helps us save more money in the process. When our orders finally arrive, we often feel excitement unboxing them because we have impression like we’re opening presents. Over the past few years, it’s no doubt that most shoppers prefer online shopping, putting the brick and mortar store at a disadvantage.

However, it seems physical shopping stores are putting up a fight in order to retrieve back their customer’s loyalty. They envisioned creating a new world of shopping to beat giant online retailers like Amazon. Because of this, as one of the biggest stores, giant Walmart has joined forces with Google in order to create the next era of the shopping industry: the voice activated shopping.

Introducing Google Express

Just a couple of weeks ago, Walmart shocked the online shopping industry by announcing its most ambitious and innovative shopping project yet: the activated voice shopping. In order to accomplish this ambitious project, they have paired up with Google to enable their products to be displayed in Google Express. This will also enable Walmart customers to link their accounts on Google so they could shop seamless online. The long term goal of this project is for the customers to be able to shop products using their voice commands through Google Assistant or Google Home.

Customers Can Now Order Walmart Products Through Google Voice Assistant

Customers Can Now Order Walmart Products Through Google Voice Assistant

Of course, they will have the option whether to have their orders shipped directly to their home address or to pick it up in the nearest Walmart branch. Google will also help analyze your shopping preference and habits in order to pick up the latest Walmart products and display it on your account in order to make your shopping even easier. With this new joint exploration, both companies hope to change the world of shopping and make it easier and more convenient to their loyal customers.

You can read an excerpt from the statement released by Walmart President and CEO Marc Lore, when asked why they specifically decided to partner up with Google.

When it comes to voice shopping, we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers. That’s why it makes sense for us to team up with Google. They’ve made significant investments in natural language processing and artificial intelligence to deliver a powerful voice shopping experience. We know this means being compared side-by-side with other retailers, and we think that’s the way it should be. An open and transparent shopping universe is good for customers.

The Online Shopping World Still Has A Long Road Ahead

Google and Walmart Makes shipping faster and easier through Google Express

Google and Walmart Makes shipping faster and easier through Google Express

Obviously, these two joint statements from the world’s giant companies hinted their desire to compete with Amazon, the world’s giant online retailer. We all know  that Walmart and Google already have their free shipping options but with this partnership, they have leveled up by announcing an express 2-day free shipping options (courtesy to Walmart) without subscribing the hefty $99 subscription from Amazon, just as long as you meet the required minimum amount. Since Google is already the owner of YouTube, it’s easier for you to avail music and audio too because of the recent merger. For those customers who still prefer to use Walmart’s Vudu, it will also remain accessible.

Although this recent joint partnership will pave its way to risen Walmart and Google’s status in online shopping, it seems they still have a long way ahead because Amazon had just started rolling out experiments about their drone delivery services. If this proves to be successful, then we have no doubt that Amazon will still remain unbeatable for the next couple of years. However, according to Craig Johnson, president of retail researching firm Customer Growth Partners, this partnership will push Walmart and Google to be at the stronghold number #2 spot in online retail industry, which surely doesn’t seem so bad as a start of this joint venture.

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