Hugh Hefner was fortunate enough to achieve success with his company, Playboy. His success made him reach a desirable amount of fame and wealth that made him live a very lavish lifestyle. He was 91 years old when he passed away earlier this year, on September 27. Right after his death, a lot of questions surfaced about who was going to benefit from Hefner’s million dollar fortune.

We’re sure everyone who has been part of Playboy’s magazine and Hefner’s close cycle was brought to tears when news broke out. Now that he is gone, we’re sure he was able to rest in peace knowing that he was able to carve his name in history and make an impact in the industry.

How Much Did Hefner Leave Behind?

Hugh Hefner was only 27 years old when he first launched the Playboy magazine. Marilyn Monroe, who was the first girl to be seen nude on the cover, played a big role in Hugh’s success even though he never had the chance to meet her in person.

As the years passed, the magazine achieved a huge success and by the time he knew it, Hefner already had a net worth of over $200 million. But when the era of technology arose, the number of people who opt to buy hard-copy magazines dropped significantly.


The new era left its impact and made the Playboy sales not as strong as before. At the time of his death, Hefner’s net worth was $43 million. He was also a partial owner of the magazine having only 35% of the brand. Last year, his famous Playboy Mansion was sold for $100 million to his neighbor, Daren Metropoulos. Before making the sale, both Hefner and Darren reached to an agreement that Hefner could still live in the house until the day he would pass away. Hefner was also known for having around $36 million worth of investments in stocks and as well as a joint account worth $6 million with an unnamed person.

Who Gets To Benefit From His Will?

Hugh Hefner has four kids. His daughter Christie and son David were from his very first wife, Millie Williams. His sons, Marston and Cooper, were from his second marriage with Kimberley Conrad. The terms from his last will and testament continue to remain confidential. However, rumor has it that 50% of his fortune will go to his charities while the other half will be split evenly between his four kids.

Hugh Hefner with sons Marston (left) and Cooper (right)

Hugh Hefner had a history with a crazy number of girls and guysOut of all the women he ever dated, Holly Madison might have been the most outspoken one. This is because she spilled a lot of juicy details in her book, Down The Rabbit Hole. She mentioned that she found a document that said Hugh was going to leave the Playboy Mansion to her but this was all back in 2008 at the time they were breaking up.

Hugh’s wife, Crystal Harris, at the time of his death, was not added to his last will and will not be inheriting a single penny thanks to their ironclad prenup. Lucky for her, she still gets to inherit something from their marriage. After she and Hugh got married, they purchased a $4.995 million-worth Hollywood Hills mansion which she is listed as the co-owner.

Hugh with his last wife, Crystal

Hugh has now left a legacy behind that we know it will last for decades to come. His name will still be remembered as a game-changer in the magazine world. Passing away at 91 years old, he was truly blessed with such a long and fruitful life. He made a lot of friends as well as enemies but, at the end of the day, he worked really hard to get where he was.

Who do you think is most worthy to inherit all this fortune?

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