Learning another language aside from your native tongue is a huge advantage not only in your ability to communicate but also in your career. Most companies around the world require at least an ability to write and speak English well. This enables you to become a mediator between two people speaking different languages and gives you the ability to convey the information back and forth. Your bilingual skills become even more significant if you’re able to learn a language other than English, such as Japanese, Chinese, French or German.

This enables you to converse with different nationalities effectively. And when we think about bilingual people, the first thing that comes to our mind is that their job is none other than becoming translators. But did you know that translation isn’t the only job bilinguals or multi-linguals can take? Here are the top in-demand jobs stored in for people with bilingual skills.

Emergency Services

911 Police and Fire Department Emergency Response Team

911 Police and Fire Department Emergency Response Team

When people call for an emergency, especially in times when calamity strikes, the communication is a crucial part in order to relay the important information clearly and in the shortest time possible. It’s because the established connection might get lost at any moment (e.g. drained battery, power shortage). If someone calls the emergency phone line with limited English, it’s going to be difficult relaying the information to the staff. At the same time, the attending staff might misinterpret the information they have received because they cannot understand what the customer was saying. This language barrier is detrimental since it can cost someone’s life if the response is delayed.

In this case, most emergency response team would rather hire people with bilingual skills since it’ll be easier for them to communicate with their customers while speaking in the native tongue. When a caller is speaking in native tongue, it’ll be easier and more efficient for him or her to relay the information as fast as possible because they’re comfortable speaking. This, in turn, will make the response quick to arrive at the scene. Remember, every minute in saving lives counts. So consider applying for fire or police service departments or becoming an EMT if you’re still looking for a job.

Human Resources

Human Resource Conducting Interview and Screening Process to Applicants

Human Resource Conducting Interview and Screening Process to Applicants

We’re all fighting for equality and the same goes for companies that want to promote diversity. In this way, they’ll be able to understand each country’s culture that will be the key to creating a product or services suited to their customer’s custom needs. Aside from that, having a diverse team in your company allows you to explore more opportunities (like expanding your company or inviting in foreign workers and investors), and also creates more connection and establishes a harmonious relationship in the process. And, what better person to help you realize your dream than to hire an HR personnel who is bilingual? It’s a no-brainer. Most companies prefer to hire HR who can communicate with workers effectively in both English and their native tongue. The more languages you know, the higher your chances are to get hired.

Customer Services

The problem why some customers go irate is because they fail to communicate with the staff well and the staff isn’t able to give the correct solution for the customer needs. Aside from that, having a customer service who can only speak in one language (English, perhaps) is limiting. Why limit your customer services in one language? Most companies nowadays (especially the BPO) are dedicating a portion of their capital to hire multilingual talents to expand their customer service. Multi-lingual customer service is now a norm so they’re on a constant lookout for bilingual applicants with stellar people skills and cultural sensitivity.

Bank Teller

Setting up a bank account or making your first transaction when no one is speaking your language can be an intimidating experience. So why not help ease your customer’s discomfort by helping them get through their first transaction in their native language? Bank institutions are hiring people with multilingual skills because they want foreign customers to come and invest in their bank. And the greatest way to do that is by hiring multi-lingual staff to communicate with them and accommodate their needs.

Immigration Specialist

Immigration Officer Interviews the Passenger

Immigration Officer Interviews the Passenger

Of course, if you’re able to communicate well in English or another language, plus your native tongue, then your chances of getting hired as an immigration specialist are high. We all know how the interrogation process in the immigration is a taxing and exhausting process. This can also be intimidating for foreigners who wish to seek entry into a particular country and they have limited language skills in English (or if not, maybe English people seeking entry to a non-English speaking country), they cannot answer well and relay their information to the immigration officer. You can help ease the process by becoming an immigration specialist who can communicate well in different languages instead.

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant Catering the Passenger's Needs

Flight Attendant Catering the Passenger’s Needs

If you speak languages and wish to travel the world, then seek no more because flight attendant is the perfect job for you. Take pride in your language skills because you’re able to communicate with people on board in more than one language. You can help the passengers, not only by making the entire flight comfortable but also by explaining the safety procedures to everyone with ease.

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