Have you ever wondered how you can reward your employees without giving them cash? Will they be satisfied with something other than cash? Yes, since money has proven to be a short-term motivator for workers everywhere. So, save your money and try one of these ways to show them that you care.

When you want to reward your employees, in the first moment, money seems to be the best option, but only for a few hours. Look, everybody loves cash, and your employees will like a check, but instead of paying them off, try to engage with them. This will create a bond between you, and result in more passionate employees who will also be more loyal.

“The only way to get people to like working hard is to motivate them. Today, people must understand why they’re working hard. Every individual in an organization is motivated by something different.” — Rick Pitino

 Give them a day off

Show them that they did something great, give them a day off— let them choose a day they want to have off. This might sound silly to you, but being free while everyone else is at work is the best form of reward. Plus, others will see what the reward is, and it might motivate them in their efforts to become more efficient.

 Arrange a fast-food party

Order pizzas or burgers for the entire office and have lunch with your team. It will be fun, and it will help you to create a bond with people who work for you. Nothing is better for boosting productivity than happy, fed employees.

 Let them eat cake

Celebrate successes with a cake because, you know, everything is better with a cake. People love every opportunity they get to relax at work. Donuts are also an option. Mmm, donuts!

 Standing ovation

Gather all of your employees in one room. Really pack them in there. Then, invite the employee you want to award and give him or her a huge standing ovation. This will be great for their future efforts as well as for their self-esteem.

 Flexible hours

Let them work when they want to. They will appreciate flexibility a lot more than cash. It shows that you trust them and rely on them,  nd that means a lot. For instance, it might mean that they won’t need daycare for their kids anymore, or that they can go to the gym in the morning. And then, when your competition offers them a better salary one day, they will decline because you gave them more freedom.

 Everyone loves a good massage!

Choose 5 of your best employees for the month and invite a massage therapist to come to your office during work hours and give every one of them a chair massage. When you think about it, you will realize that a chiropractor is not a bad idea.

 Adult Education

Pay for one class of their choice. They can choose to learn a new skill or take up a hobby that always interested them, but they never had the time/ money/ motivation for it. Whether it is dancing, cooking or a new language, they will get a new experience, and it will all be thanks to you.

 Double time

Give your best employees double time for their breaks for one week – double the coffee break, the lunch break, and all the breaks, basically. They will love it, and you will show them that you appreciate what they did, that you are letting them lay back and relax for an entire week. It works both as a reward and an additional motivation.

 Celebrate birthdays, weddings, etc.

Everyone likes being remembered on special occasions. You should celebrate with a cake, take the whole office to lunch, or simply get the celebrant a gift card for something you know they will like. That way, you will not only show you care but also that you pay attention to their interests.

 Just say it

You wouldn’t believe how powerful two simple words can be, and simple “thank you” can go a long way. All you need to do is say it sincerely. People like to know that they are being noticed and that they are contributing. Great employees already know that they are doing a great job, but they need you to express your appreciation.

 Compressed Workday

This is the reward you give to everyone who exceeds their goals in the week. You choose one workday to let them come late and leave early. It motivates the entire office to do better, because we all want to leave early on Friday, and get a head start on our weekends.

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