We all know that Samsung just dropped the shadiest and most savage advertisement against Apple and it truly created a lot of online buzz. Jumping out from the world of smartphones, there are other wars that are happening in the world of business.

Amazon has been quite successful through the years. It has been doing business and it actually became the biggest internet-based  retailer. Achieving such success can be both a blessing and a curse because now, some companies are out to bring Amazon down. Walmart has recently joined forces with Google in order to go against the success Amazon has been getting so far.

It seemed like the whole idea of Walmart to bring Amazon down started back in 2015 when Amazon became more valuable than Walmart through market capitalization. Walmart is still the biggest company in terms of revenue but it seems like more and more investors favor Amazon the most since it just keeps on growing and growing.

This chart graph clearly shows how much Amazon’s market value grew

So Why Ask A Helping Hand From Google?

Walmart asking help from Google was quite smart. Google will be in charge of taking down the orders and later use Google Express for the logistics of the payment while the delivery of the products would all be taken care of by Walmart.

Amazon achieved huge success since they launched their voice-activated speaker called Echo. People just loved the idea of doing your groceries by just talking to a speaker. Now, Walmart is teaming up with Google to go against them through using somehow the same idea. They were able to come up with their own voice-activated speaker called Google Home helping both of these companies to reach greater heights when it comes to e-commerce.

Walmart & Google’s Google Home on the left  while on the right is Amazon’s echo

Echo Vs. Google Home

Walmart and Google seemed like they were able to give Amazon a big punch because Google Home can easily be compared to Amazon Echo. Both of them have pretty much the same features—doing the groceries, buying stuff online, playing music, and even asking when the world is going to end. They encounter differences in terms of pricing since Amazon Echo is only $100 while the Google Home is $130. For Walmart, their edge seems to be the fact that people can order what they want already from Walmart online. And, as they finish work or come from an errand then just need to head to the nearest Walmart outlet to pick up the things they purchased earlier.

The device people are choosing to purchase

If you take a look at the graph, you can see a growth in new users both devices have. It’s clearly seen that a lot of people chose to go for the Google Home as the year 2016 ended but Amazon’s Echo wasn’t really left that far behind.

Each device has something the other device hasn’t so it is just a matter of who can bring the better upgrade. One great advantage the Google Home has over the Amazon Echo is the fact that you can actually play music simultaneously with multiple speakers. It’s perfect if you want to achieve that perfect surround sound realness throughout your place.

You can easily talk to your Google Home when you want to play your favorite video on Youtube or your binge-worthy show you are currently streaming on Netflix just have to make sure you have a Chromecast video streamer or a Chromecast built-in for your television.

For the Amazon Echo, on the other hand, you’ll have to get Fire TV and then press a special button on your Fire TV remote if you want the voice-activation to work for TV purposes as well. 

So Who Wins This Feud?

Walmart and Google’s move to launch a direct competitor to the Amazon Echo was very smart and it seems like they were able to put in a lot of features that would attract buyers to favor it more. So since both competitors have almost identical capabilities, it’s just a matter of choosing the device in terms of price or if you really are attracted to the fact that Google Home can ease day and night Walmart-runs. Well for lazy people, we’re sure they’d choose the Amazon Echo since you don’t actually need to leave your home in order to get the stuff you need at your doorstep. 

Invasion to privacy or a better user experience?

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