At some point in time and number of Americans find they need assistance for paying their bills. These are people who may have lost their jobs or perhaps are confronted with an expected medical bill. Regardless of the emergency, they may have had trouble in making payments of their debts.

Fortunately for people, there are several government and private programs that provide free money especially to people that are having difficulties in making ends meet. Given below are a few ways to find the free money when you need to pay your bills. The different types of expenditure have been classified into categories to give you ease of understanding.

Free Money To Help With Your Rent

Being unable to pay your rent according to the schedule can be frightening. Especially with homelessness being a real threat for a number of Americans. If you are facing a difficult situation with your rent, here are some programs and organizations that can help you.

Section 8 Programs

The US Department of housing and urban development provides vouchers under the section 8 rental certificate program.

Individuals and families that are having difficulties finding affordable accommodation in other communities can get assistance from the US Department of Housing and urban development. They will be provided with vouchers under the section 8 rental certificate program to cover the difference between 30% of their income of the household and the rent for housing at the market rate for the family. This simply means that if a family has a household income of $20,000 per year, it would be expected not to spend over $6000 every year towards rent and utilities which would amount to $500 a month. Individuals in such cases would be eligible for a section 8 voucher every month for $250. Another program which is similar to this one, is the project based program for rental assistance. However, it only provides accommodation in HUD contracted buildings where the tenant needs to pay 30% of his income as rent to the landlord while the HUD reimburses the balance of the rent according to the market rate.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army also provides assistance to people that are having difficulties while staying in their homes. The assistance is provided in the form of referrals, emotional support and budget counseling.  Temporary or transitional housing facilities may be provided to families by the Salvation Army on some occasions.

Public Housing

The HUD has clarified they have 1.3 million units of public housing which are available for low-income individuals and families, people with disabilities and also the elderly. The public housing is available in the form of buildings or complexes and homes for single families. The local Housing Authority or the state can provide more information about public housing if they are contacted.

Community Services Block Grant

The Community Services Block Grant is administered by the US Department of Health and human services office of community services. This program offers federal grants for help with the rent, intervenes with landlords if required and also prevents utility shut off.

Free Money To Pay Utility Bills

People Facing Hardships Because of Utility Bills Can Also Apply For Grants.

Many people are facing hardships with paying their utility bills despite being able to pay their rent and mortgage bills. These people are having difficulties keeping their homes comfortable especially when they have to deal with extreme weather conditions. The three following organizations are providing financial help for people to manage utility bills.

American Water

Water and wastewater services are provided by American water in 15 states which also provide financial assistance for families that need immediate help in paying their bills. Contacting American water within the state is suggested for the assistance required with the information that the criteria for qualifying and receiving the help could be different from one state to another.


Lifeline provides discounts on cellular phone and Internet services for households in the low-income category.

Lifeline is a federal program which provides discounts on cellular phone and Internet services to households that are in the low-income category. The program is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company. Individuals that are eligible for the program can get a discount on their cell phone or Internet service provider and are advised to contact the US AC to understand their eligibility criteria.

This website can help anyone with information about the grants available from the state government for assistance with energy bills such as the office of the community services low-income home energy assistance program. This program provides grants to help people with energy bills from home, weatherproofing or minor repairs for the home which can increase energy efficiency.

Free Money To Get Out Of Debt

Debt of any kind can be overwhelming on the individual, especially if they are having difficulties in making even their monthly minimum payments. Debts like student loans, credit cards and medical bills can put people under a lot of stress but fortunately, there are places which can provide the assistance needed if people stay away from scammers that are prominent in the business and request for money to resolve the issues people are facing. People who are having a hard time getting out of debt can find some solutions from one of the organizations mentioned below.

American Consumer Credit Counseling

This is a nonprofit organization which provides free consultation on matters of debt consolidation and budgeting. No charges are imposed by the organization for the consultation but individuals that set up a bill payment plan may be liable to pay some nominal charges which are usually in the region of $40 along with a maintenance fee of five dollars every month. However, people who are facing a difficult financial situation may be in a position to get the fees waived.

The Sunshine Lady Foundation

The Sunshine Lady Foundation Managed by The Sister of Warren Buffet Also Provides Grants Of up to $4800 For A Variety of Reasons.

This charitable organization is managed by the sister of Warren Buffet and is giving grants for people who need it. The programs are funded by shares donated by Warren buffet from his organization Berkshire Hathaway. The foundation evaluates any requests from individuals seeking assistance and provides grants to the people they consider are worthy. The grant provided is $4800 and is unlikely to make any person a millionaire but the help is provided for various reasons including paying off medical debt or personal loans along with other types of assistance.

The programs mentioned above can prove useful for many people in America to get some free money for help with paying bills.

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