While the mainstream media has been tediously pursuing the dying Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory and filled last weekend’s news cycles with reports of a fresh lawsuit filed against the Trump campaign, Russia and Wikileaks, no one seemed to have paid attention to the court filing against Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee last week which proved that the former presidential candidate was involved in an extensive money laundering scheme worth $84 million.

In December 2017, a complaint was filed with the FEC which accused Hillary Clinton of engaging in illegally laundering millions of dollars during 2016 election campaign

Exploiting Loopholes

It was revealed that Hillary Clinton, with the help of Democratic National Committee, had exploited the federal law which states that individual contributors cannot exceed their donation limits of $2,700 to a political candidate, $10,000 to a state party committee or $33,400 to a national party.

The former presidential candidate found a loophole in the law and funneled millions of dollars into her campaign through her national party’s account.

State party committees bundled donations from wealthy contributors, which could exceed $400,000 at a time, and transferred millions to the national committees.

Both democrats and republicans have exploited this legal loophole in the past but once the funds reach the national parties, certain laws prevent the money from filtering into a presidential candidate’s campaign

Complaint Filed Against Clinton

The Committee to Defend the President recently began reviewing Clinton Campaign’s funding activities due to suspicions that the DNC may have broken the federal campaign-finance law by bundling funds from wealthy donors and funneling them into the Clinton’s campaign account through an elaborate money laundering scheme.

In December 2017, a complaint was filed with the FEC which accused Hillary Clinton of breaking the federal law and engaging in money laundering. The complaint demanded enforcement action against the former presidential candidate as well as her national party, state party committees and all campaign and party treasurers involved. The 86-page complaint gives concrete evidence in the form of excel spreadsheets to back the laundering accusation.

Millions of Dollars Illegally Laundered

During the 2016 elections the Democratic National Committee and associated state committees agreed upon receiving campaign donations through a single joint fundraising committee called the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF). The committee received large contributions, some exceeding half a million dollars at a time, but the donations were in compliance with the campaign finance law – at least before they got funneled into the main party account.

According to FEC records, any funding received by HVF was almost always transferred to DNC through the state Democratic committee account. However, most of the contributions were not recorded by the national committee. More than $10 million had flown from HVF to DNC over the next 13 months without any record of the disbursement of the funds.

The official complaint contains clear evidence showing that Clinton’s campaign had complete control over the transfer of funds from HVF to the National Committee’s account, and the state democratic committees had little to no say in the money laundering activities.

State parties reported that almost 100 per cent of the donations received by HVF were transferred to DNC, and some of the state committees who had not been informed about the systematic fraud were outraged to discover the transferring of the funds in and out of their accounts without their knowledge or permission.

Supreme Court Called It Illegal

There is absolutely no doubt that what Hillary Clinton did during her presidential campaign was in violation of the state law.

More than $10 million were secretly funneled from Hillary Victory Fund into DNC account in a single year without any record of the disbursement of the funds.

In 2014, the Supreme Court laid out a similar scenario in the McCutcheon case whereby a joint fundraising committee (like the Hillary Victory Fund) accepts a large donation of half a million dollars from a single contributor and distributes it among the corresponding state committees in order to adhere to the maximum contribution limit set out by the federal law, but the dispersed funds are funneled into a single committee (the DNC, in Hillary’s case).

The money is then spent on a particular candidate’s campaign. The court deemed such activities as violation of the federal law.

While the media attacks Donald Trump for making a $130,000 payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels in 2016, as an abuse of campaign donations, Hillary Clinton’s money laundering scandal of more than $84 million has gone completely unnoticed.

Why do you think the Hillary Clinton’s money laundering case went unnoticed in mainstream media?

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