In the 21st Century, the modern woman is in the driver’s seat when it comes to shaping her destiny.

This can clearly be seen with how dominant women have been in the business spectrum. Indeed, the number of women pitted to own a business has been rising steadily.

In fact, a recent study by the State of Women-owned Businesses report by the American Express found that four in every 10 businesses in the United States are controlled, owned, and operated by women.

If we put this into perspective, that’s about 12.3 million companies! This translates to about 58 percent greater than the number that was recorded about a decade back.

That being said, the number of businesses that is owned by majority males only grew by a paltry 12 percent in the same period.

The empowerment of women has led to a greater increase in companies owned by entrepreneurial professional women

More Women Joining the Entrepreneurial Path

Indeed, last year alone, it is estimated that about 1821 women opened new businesses all across the country on a daily basis!

This massive shift marks a positive landmark in the progression of women entrepreneurs throughout the country. That being said, there still remains a lot of progress to be made.

That’s because that businesses owned with women continue to lag behind when it comes to other vital metrics.

For example, these businesses only contribute to 4.3 percent total revenues and employ only 8 percent of individuals in the private sector!

Which means that in some situations, women business owners can be the only employee in their enterprise, and their annual revenues can struggle to surpass the $100,000 a year mark.

Which begs the question; how can these women entrepreneurs ensure that their companies perform better to the extent that they break these boundaries? Here are some of the ways that they can go about it.

Having a Step-By-Step Approach to the Situation

According to the co-founders of the fitness studio Shred415, it can be so easy to get excited when striving to accomplish a certain goal.

That being said, all entrepreneurs ought to understand that the process of opening a small albeit professional business requires time, patience, and the ability to step back and understand that we should tackle each goal one day at a time.

With more women joining the professional field, businesses owned by women have been started at an exponential rate

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Indeed, head of real-estate firm WIN Home Inspection, Haley Palmer, has noticed that most women have the habit of selling themselves short.

That’s because they have the notion that when someone speaks positively about their achievements, they might come off as bragging.

Nevertheless, mentioning what is visibly seen about the success and growth of our business isn’t bragging if it’s done in the right manner.

Indeed, women should learn to be comfortable and confident about their achievements as well as disclosing their strengths and portraying their success.

Indeed, if one does not hide from their success, the respect will follow them effortlessly.

Unlike men in the business world, most women like to downplay their successes

Teach Yourself to Be Comfortable with Rejection

One of the leaders at Anytime Fitness in Morocco, Zakieia Rouah, says that at times, colleagues can make us feel exceptionally small in the workplace. In such cases, it might distract us from trying to establish our career dreams at the workplace.

This can be especially so if we happen to be working in an environment that is dominated by males.

That being said, Zakieia advises us to remain confident and strong and never doubt ourselves regardless of any situation.

Give and You Shall Receive

Neave Décor owner Kathy Neave comments on the situation, advising that the more active we are in our industry, the higher the chances that we will connect with people of value in our industry,

Indeed, we can connect with anyone from fresh entrepreneurs to established individuals. In the process, we can soak up all the device we get to improve our chances of vital connections.

That being said, Kathy advises that we should always be willing to assist those who are seeking help in the industry.

That’s because the more individuals that we help, the better the chances we have of continually educating ourselves.

Have a Team from Which We Can Learn From

Helen Robertson who is the head of Expedia CruiseShipCenters advises that the best thing about having a team is that we don’t have to be the smartest person in every situation.

Indeed, having a great team requires us to find individuals that are professionals and have a diverse set of experiences and skills.

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