We all know that most of the celebrities and public figures do a lot of charity work and often have foundations that help those who are in need. These celebrities were fortunate to have enough money in their pockets to donate and fund charity institutions and foundations. Not only that, but we also hear about all their good deeds, visions, and missions or humanitarian aid that make us fall in love and admire our idols even more. Let us unveil some of the heart-wrenching stories of our favorite celebrities’ charitable acts to make your Monday all the better and motivated all of us to change this world to a better place every day.

Beyoncé Knowles

We all know Beyonce is a famous Hollywood celebrity who’s an advocate for various charities and foundations. The most notable one is the Survivor Foundation which she co-founded with Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland. The primary purpose of this foundation is to help survivors of Hurricane Katrina to start a new life and get back on their feet again. What you probably didn’t know is that Beyonce also helped a random teen fan by living a warm message for her graduation.

The teen’s name is Ebony Banks and according to her friends, she missed her graduation because she caught a rare form of cancer that enabled her to stay and get admitted in a hospital. Fortunately, the University of Houston organized a special graduation ceremony in her honor. Her friends then started using the hashtag #ebobmeetsbeyonce to give her a present which caught the singer’s attention. You can see how happy the teen was when Beyonce greeted and told her she loves her.

Kristen Bell Calls Her Young Fan as Princess Anna

The phenomenal Disney animated blockbuster hit, Frozen, has definitely left a mark in our hearts. It’s one of the most beautiful and inspiring Disney stories we’ve ever watched. All of us had grown to love the Frozen Princess Anna. Certainly, this six-year-old Frozen fan who had an unrepairable tumor is not an exemption. Because of this, Kristen Bell, who was the voice actress of Princess Anna, made it her personal mission to give this beautiful girl (Avery Huffman) an exciting gift via voicemail. She said that Avery has just become the honorary Princess of Arendelle, and the girl couldn’t be happier when she heard exciting news from her favorite Frozen character. What a great way to make your fan’s day!

Robert Downey Jr. Gives 3d-Printed Bionic Arm to his Young Fan

We know Tony Stark as a scientist who loves to invent devices and weapons that help him save the mankind and become the legendary Iron Man. And it seems that its actor, Robert Downey Jr., had inherited his character’s trait because he gave his young fan a bionic arm. This fan of his, Alex Pring, was born with the underdeveloped left arm. Because of this handicap, Pring’s family was working with Limitless Solution to create a prosthetic arm for him. Fortunately, Robert knew this and instead, he partnered with the company to develop and present the prosthetic arm to him with no cost for his family at all. The kid was simply happy because Downey Jr. presented him, two models, one was a normal human prosthetic arm and the other was an arm with Iron Man’s design.

Memphis Grizzlies Buys a New Car For an Intern

You might think that the new intern was just lucky to get a luxurious car from Memphis himself, but once you hear his story, you’ll probably think he actually deserved it. Why? It’s because 24-year old Brandon Henderson, who was working for Memphis Grizzlies, got his 1998 Chrysler New Yorker stolen in downtown Memphis, Tennessee while going on a date. One could never fathom the trauma or even the thought of getting involved in that kind of accident. Fortunately, Memphis helped him overcome his loss when Memphis and the other NBA team members chipped in and bought a new Nissan Altima for him. Brandon was all smiles now as he remembers the gratitude he felt for the team. He can hardly remember that he lost his car.

Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi surprises his Autistic fan with a video.

Peter Capaldi made a video as Doctor Who to his autistic fan who had suffered a great loss and was on a brink of depression because he didn’t know how to cope with it. Listening to the video made by Doctor Who himself will warm your heart because of his words of encouragement and wisdom. We dare to say that this was the best therapy session of all time.

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