Pres. Trump Addressing World Leaders At the UN Gen. Assembly.

Pres. Donald Trump, when speaking to world leaders at the UN Gen. assembly, mentioned that job growth in the US was better than it had been in a very long time. This statement hasn’t gone down well with many critics who have said that job growth was, in fact, better last year than in the present circumstances.

Pres. Trump had mentioned that companies located elsewhere are moving back and creating jobs of the kind not witnessed in the US for quite some time. Critics have slammed this statement as being untrue.

Were The Naysayers Justified In Criticizing Pres. Trump On His Statement Of Job Growth?

Naysayers Unjustified In Criticizing Pres. Trump.

In 2017 the average number of jobs added every month has been 176,000. The corresponding figure for the United States economy stood at an average of 194,000 jobs every month, for the period ending January to August 2016. The overall average for 2016 was also higher than the pace of 2017, according to data released by the Labor Department which provided a figure of 187,000 jobs per month.

The remarks were made by Trump on Tuesday when he cited the progress of the economy from the time he won the election in November last year. However, the pace of job growth since the election is presently at an average of 172,000 fresh jobs, which is a figure that is lower than 2016.

Remarks have been made by various publications that 2016 was not the only year when things were better. 2014 posted higher figures and averaged 250,000 jobs a month and in 2015 job growth was calculated at 226,000 per month.

Critics who slammed the comments made by Pres. Trump has also mentioned that some of the claims made by the President were entirely on the mark. He was right, when he mentioned during his UN speech, that the stock market was at an all-time high. The Dow Jones and the S&P 500 have continued to hover around and even reach all-time highs in the past few days. Trump mentioned that unemployment was at its lowest over the last decade and a half and the present rate of unemployment which stands at 4.4% is, in fact, is the lowest over the last 16 years. Ultimately, Trump mentioned that more people in the United States are presently working than ever before which is believed to be an accurate figure. The size of the labor force and the number of Americans that are gainfully employed lends credence to the statement made by the President.

Contradictory Statements Made by Critics And Various Publications

Pres. Trump Was Only Talking about Job Creation Without Referring to History.

Critics speaking against the statement made by Pres. Trump in front of world leaders have stated that some companies could be moving jobs back to the United States but the rate of job growth just isn’t the best it has been for a very long time. The White House did not respond to requests for a comment on the speech delivered by Pres. Trump.

Looking at the statement made by Pres. Trump at the UN before world leaders, it must be understood that the President was only talking about the number of jobs created without mentioning the fact that fewer Americans were actually looking for jobs. This is a matter which has not been disputed by the critics who have rather commended the President for providing accurate figures about low unemployment.

Critics, in fact, mentioned that Trump had bragged about the figures of job growth which they said wasn’t true, and mentioned figures from the Obama era to prove that job growth was better during the period earlier. However, they perhaps did not recollect what they had said by making contradictory statements and mentioning that the demands for jobs were indeed low.

Job Creation May Not Be The Highest But Unemployment Is Definitely The Lowest.

A number of countries face the prospect of high job growth without the population to offer jobs to. Prominent among these countries is the region of the Middle East which is abundant in oil. They are required to import labor from Southeast Asian countries because the local population is only looking for the highest paid jobs.

The United States is presently in a position where the difference between job growth and unemployment is marginal. An exponential job growth will mean the United States will either need to import labor or again look towards exporting the jobs to other countries. Regardless of whether Pres. Trump spoke of reality or just mentioned figures about job growth, the fact remains that the country is creating sufficient jobs even as unemployment remains at low levels. The figures mentioned by Pres. Trump was also accurate because he did not delve into the past but only made statements which were largely accurate in their entirety.

Is job growth further slowing down for unemployment levels? We’d like to hear your take…

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