Who said that only doctors and lawyers can earn good salaries? Well, you’ve heard lots of opinions when it comes to career choice, including the odd, unusual ones that surprisingly pay well. Although they are somehow rare to find, you might be among the few perfect fits for the odd jobs out there.

“He that waits on fortune is never sure of a dinner.” – Benjamin Franklin

They are exciting, fun, and dangerously thrilling to live by. However, these jobs have a little competition in the professional market and the earnings soar high. They’re not much of a catch, but who knows. Having one might get you to live by having more dollars in your pocket than you could ever have.

Let’s explore these odd jobs you might have heard but underestimated.

 White Hat Hacker

If there’s a white lie, there’s also what we call the good hacker, or White Hat Hacker. Those computer geniuses who prefers to side with the government earn up to $125,000 a year. These tech-savvy digital prodigies do well by patching up public security system holes for government agencies. White hat hackers do not waste time on illegal hacking, spreading computer malware and viruses. They also don’t mess with highly confidential files of companies. They stay away from cyber-related crimes. If you have a degree in information technology or computer science, you might want to consider applying for this job. 

 Pet Food Taster

It’s not as disgusting as you think it is. The job pays well, and you also get to eat. Sounds great and delicious, right? Well, considering that your job would only cover eating, it’s rather a good compensation for a $40,000 a year. You only have to make sure that the taste is good, in the pets’ perspective, and off you go with the well-paid odd job.

 Crime Scene Cleaner


If cleaning is no big deal for you, then you might as well clean floors where people lay upon to their last breath. You just have to wipe off the blood and wash it all over. Squeaky clean it is! It’s a job where you get to be a crime scene janitor once the authorities have collected all the evidence. As such, you will then earn about $50,000. That’s not too much to ask for in exchanging for scrubbing floors, right?


This one’s kind of classy and sophisticated type of odd job. In what way? You have to be an expert and a labeled professional at wines. Pairing it with the right meal for the restaurants, this job requires years of experience to be able to tell wines apart. Also, you have to be at least able to tell the approximate age of the wine and endorse different kinds. You get to taste even the rarest ones and several of the types the whole day. How posh is that? The perks of it pay an amount as much as $80,000.

 Pearl Diver

pearl diver

How good will it be to swim in the deep blue seas looking for pearls and not to mention, you’re not alone. Sharks are friendly enough to swim with you.  But if it’s for to seek the purest treasure at the bottom of the sea, you may not care much. If you love swimming and want to earn from it, you could skim areas off the coast of Australia and receive quite a surmounting salary of $1,200 a day. Well, that would be if you don’t mind risking your life looking for pearls along the shores where sharks dwell.

 Sewer Inspector

All you have to do in this job is to make a trip to the sewer. Remember there is human waste, rats, cockroaches, and anything of the sort all around.  If you don’t mind the sweat of finding cracks and clogged pipes underground with foul scent, it would be a rewarding job worth $61,000 a year. Pretty nice pay for an underground thrill.


It’s what you call another form for a make-up artist where you get to prepare someone for “a big event” by applying make-up and whatnots to THE DEAD. By the way, the big event is a  be a funeral. Getting the deceased client to be as attractive and well-presented as they could ever be is an odd, yet an in-demand job. It pays $45,000 annually with little competition in the business.


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