Kanye West has done it again. After flooding his twitter wall with controversial tweets, the rapper went on TMZ Live to show his support for President Donald Trump and voice his opinion on freedom of thought and speech – but it was his remark on the black history and slavery which sparked a massive backlash, not just in the TMZ newsroom but also in the music industry and the world of social media. One Detroit Radio station called 105.1.

The Bounce announced a total boycott of the rapper’s music as a punishment for disrespecting the black community and history of slavery.

In a controversial interview with TMZ Live, Kanye received backlash for calling slavery ‘a choice’

The Comment that Stirred Controversy

While being interviewed for TMZ Live last Wednesday, Kanye touched upon a number of topics from the American politics to his budding relationship with Donald Trump – and the history of slavery. In his controversial remark, the rapper said that, to him, slavery sounded like a choice because there was no other way that an entire race of people had been shackled and enslaved for more than 400 years. He remarked, “Like, you was there for 400 years and it’s all of y’all?”

West added that slavery has more to do with mental imprisonment than anything else, and since most people nowadays don’t have the freedom to think or speak for themselves, we’re all willingly enslaved to the system. According to the rapper, the word slavery is commonly associated with black history, even though the concept applies to everyone and unites the human race as one.

Detroit Radio Show Announces Boycott

A number of outraged celebrities took it to social media to put the rapper on blast for his disrespectful comment and some radio stations even went as far as announcing a complete boycott of his music. Last Thursday 105.1 The Bounce, a Detroit radio station announced that it never wants to play a Kanye West song again until the rapper apologizes for his actions.

The show’s hosts BiGG and Shay Shay said that they are ‘over Kanye’ and don’t want to hear anything related to the rapper. The two hosts were the first one from the radio community to take a stand against the rapper and said that they are banning him from their platform.

105.1 The Bounce, Detroit radio show, announced on Thursday that it will no longer support or play Kanye West’s music

The radio show hosts said that their boycott decision was triggered by Kanye’s harsh words of slavery and they have now decided to start a new movement called #MuteKanye, calling all radio shows to join 105.1 The Bounce in their boycott against the rapper. West’s appearance on TMZ Live wasn’t the first occasion that triggered a controversy.

The singer has made a number of reckless comments in the past on a number of political and historical topics. Host Shay Shay called out the rapper during the Thursday morning show for his impulsive behavior that can be highly offensive to others. In the past, West has disrespected the legacy of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. for being too outdated.

Pressure on Adidas to Drop Kanye

Shay Shay and BiGG aren’t the first radio show hosts to call for a boycott against the controversial rapper. Last Wednesday, RJ Ebro Darden, from New York City radio show called Hot 97, made an appearance on CNN to express his opinion on Kanye’s comment on slavery.

Darden said that the rapper talks about free thought when he doesn’t even know the history of his own ancestors. The radio show host tweeted the next day calling for boycott against West.

Thousands have signed a petition asking Adidas to drop its partnership with Kanye as retribution to his actions

Even after defending himself on twitter with a sea of tweets, Kanye West continues to receive criticism from thousands of furious twitter users. Now a new petition has been set up by Care2 demanding that the music artist be dropped by Adidas as retribution for his actions.

The petition, signed by over 23,000 people, says that Kanye may have his right to freedom of speech but the consumers of the shoe brand also have the right to fight back against his dangerous propaganda against the black community.

The CEO of Adidas responded to the controversy by saying that the brand does not wish to comment on its external creator’s words and Kanye will continue to be an important part of Adidas due to his numerous contributions towards the brand.

Do you think Kanye deserves the severe backlash he is facing from the entertainment community?

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