Why Luxury Trains Can Be A Great Way To Travel In Style

Traveling By Train Can Be The Most Luxurious Experience To See The Sights

Since the invention of the train in the 1800s, people have been able to travel and carry their belongings from one point to another. Business owners and traders also depended on the railroad to transport their goods from their shops to their buyers. Indeed, the train has come a long way. Technology has taken over the transformation of this once simple mode of transportation to a highly lucrative and efficient system. Passenger trains have especially morphed into sophisticated machines that boast of speed, sleekness, and luxury that only the most discriminating travelers could ever ask for.

“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.” Hilaire Belloc

Exactly, what experience do you get from taking a passenger train?

What do you expect from train travel?

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In certain parts of the world like Europe and the Far East, train travel has become relatively common and available to most people. Frequent land travelers prefer passenger trains because of the benefits that they bring.

 It’s fast and convenient

  Traffic is unheard of when you take the train. Once you buy your ticket, you just have to wait for your schedule and go to the designated platform. You need not go through the frequent rigid inspections and stops as at the airport.

 Access is easy

 Train stations are strategically located around the main arteries of towns and cities. You can also find shops, dining areas, and even hotels nearby in case you feel the need to use any of these facilities.


Although random security checks occur at times, passengers are normally saved from the inconvenience of having their identities verified. You can also purchase tickets easily from the booths and choose from the schedules the moment you’re in the station. These days, train rides can also be booked online.

 It’s kind to the environment 

Travelling by train is healthier than riding a motor vehicle because the carbon emission of trains is far less than the amount being generated by cars. This is especially true when traveling in Europe.


Train rides are very comfortable and give you the chance to enjoy the ride by dozing, reading, listening to music, watching a film, or conversing with your fellow passengers. The experience is never bumpy and noisy and allows you the luxury to sit back and relax.

 Lets you enjoy the sceneries

 The views that you get to see in train rides are almost always amazing because you almost come close to your surroundings while speeding off at the comforts of your seat. During daytime, you get the chance to admire the countryside that soon becomes busier as you move from one station to another.

Passenger trains have especially morphed into sophisticated machines that boast of speed, sleekness, and luxury that only the most discriminating travelers could ever ask for.

What are the most luxurious train rides in the world?

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CNN recently featured what it dubbed as the “most luxurious train journeys” in the world. Whether or not you’ve experienced riding a first-class passenger train, you’ll surely love learning about these selections and perhaps get yourself a ticket one of these days after knowing what a luxurious train ride has to offer.

Golden Eagle

The trip from Moscow to Vladivostok is often referred to as the luxury version of tThe Trans-Siberian Express. It is the most luxurious way to experience Russia. The train journey covers a 2-week period. Passengers say that the travel feels like a cruise because of the various stops and excursions along the way. Facilities include private bathrooms, cooling and heating systems, laundry services, TV, and entertainment. Each passanger is charged as little as $ 15,895.

Rovos Rail

Traveling through southern and eastern Africa via Rovos Rail lets you feast on the awe-inspiring sights of the continent, including the animal inhabitants. The trip takes more than 60 kilometers per hour. Passengers can open their windows to breathe in fresh air and take photographs. The long journey provides elegant and luxurious cabins that make passengers feel at home for several nights. The fare costs $1,504 per head.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

The ride promises to be romantic and adventurous where one can see Europe’s breathtaking cities. Traveling from London to Venice, the suites inside the train are elegant and have a style moderne look and feel. Each passenger needs to pay a minimum of $3,341.

Blue Train

TrainsThe journey takes passengers from Pretoria to Cape Town, South Africa. That is a total of 1,600 kilometers in a span of 27 hours. The luxury train has butlers available for 24 hours daily, ready to give you a drink, a snack or iron your clothes. There are suites that have bathtubs where you can soak up while enjoying a bottle of champagne. The cost for each person is $ 976.

The Rocky Mountaineer 

If you want to see the Canadian Rockies in style and luxury, then this is the train ride for you. Its Gold Leaf Service is one of North America’s few 5-star train services. The trip takes the traveler from Banff to Vancouver, where the scenery is merely spectacular. Frequent train travelers prefer to take the ride during summer, although couples are in for a romantic journey if they go anytime from September to October during autumn.

My heart is warm with the friends I make, and better friends I’ll not be knowing. Yet there isn’t a train I wouldn’t take, no matter where it’s going.” – Edna St. Vincent Millay, The Select Poetry

The Ghan

The trip takes three nights and will get you to Adelaide from Darwin. Travelers can traverse the Australian continent as they see vast red-earthed Australian bush. Dining showcases Australia’s finest delicacies, five-course meals, and breakfast in bed. The train also offers chauffeured transfers and excursions. If you want to try this, be prepared to part with $2,637.

Maharajas’ Express 

The “Orient Express” travels from Delhi to Mumbai, India. The interiors take you back to the golden days when Maharajas journeyed in pomp and glitter. The almost week-long trip allows passengers to experience the Raj era, from gin and tonic drinks to elephant rides that speak of the Indian culture. The cost starts at $3,850 per person.

Seven Stars

This passenger bullet train is Japan’s most luxurious train ride that boasts of seven carriages that can accommodate 30 passengers in 14 suites. The interiors are tastefully crafted depicting understated elegance that subtly speaks of the country’s culture and influence. Its comforts are perfect for long-haul travels. The fare starts at $2,200+ per person.

The Canadian

The train takes travelers from Toronto to Vancouver through a 4,466-kilometer journey. Passengers will be enthralled by the marvelous view and the first-class facilities and services. Plush rooms and gourmet meals are standard, and you have your own shower and washroom. As a hotel, it also offers a minibar and alcohol that is part of the ticket price. The Canadian is the only North American passenger train that offers double beds. The price per person is $2,891.

Belmond Royal Scotsman

This ride is for those who fancy seeing the Scottish countryside where travelers can opt to take roundtrips from Edinburgh or to the Highlands. Part of the stops would be visiting castles and wine distilleries. Belmond is Britain’s only luxury sleeper train. If you like drinking, there’s no need to worry because the train’s bar offers plenty of drinks, including stocks of whiskey in 50 varieties. For a 2-night stay, you will be parting with $3,917 per person.

With the variety of rides and places to choose from, traveling by train has never been this exciting and luxurious




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