Whitney Houston is undoubtedly one of the greatest musicians of all times, but no matter how much you love listening to the I Will Always Love You singer, you’re bound to get sick if your neighbor continuously plays her tunes for 14 hours a day.

An unlucky family faced the wrath of a boxer neighbor who beat up 5 women when they got tired of listening to Whitney Houston all day and requested him to stop playing the songs.

Lesley Brooks (L), 66, her daughter Sarah (R) 35, and granddaughter Sophie (M), 17

A Whitney Houston Over-Kill

Phillip Jackson is an amateur boxer weighing over 100 kilos who loves playing Whitney Houston songs all day – oh, and he also loves to pretend that his neighbors are human punchbags. Last week, he thumped five women in his neighborhood, one of whom was a 66-year-old grandmother and another a 17-year-old Sophie who was already six months into her pregnancy.

The teenager claimed that Jackson punched her in the stomach which put her baby’s life in danger. He had also stuck Sophie’s 35-year-old mother Sarah when she had rushed forward to protect the pregnant teenager. Why exactly did the mean fighter lose his temper on the women? Apparently, they had requested him to stop playing Whitney Houston songs all day.

Every morning at 10 a.m., Jackson would blast Whitney Houston Hits on his speakers after taking a few chugs of his special K cider. He was especially a fan of Houston’s I’m Every Woman and would let the song play on repeat continuously until midnight – and sometimes, for even longer. Calling the hundred-kilo brute a fan of the late American singer would be a huge understatement because the neighbors said that he was obsessed with her.

Phillip Jackson, 39

The Amateur Boxer Finally Behind Bars

The neighbors tried to tolerate Jackson’s obnoxious behavior at first thinking that he would eventually get sick of listening to the same tunes but days, weeks and months went by, but the boxer was still blasting the same music for almost 14 hours a day sometimes till the early morning hours. The neighbors eventually snapped.

Jackson, who had been training intensely on a punching bag in his backyard, showed his boxing skills on the neighboring women who came knocking on his front door one day to ask him to stop playing the songs. The amateur boxer was finally put behind bars on January 12 after pleading guilty to physical assault charges against his neighbors at the Maidstone Crown Court.

After the 39-year-old Jackson was jailed, the neighbors expressed their relief in an interview for finally getting rid of the brute and his annoying Whitney Houston songs. The family who had been assaulted said that they had been at feud with Jackson for five years but he had always gone around the neighborhood, terrorizing the residents and thinking that he was above the law.

Jackson has finally received a restraining order to stay away from the family

A Five-Year Old Feud

Jackson had even threatened to burn down Sophie’s house by petrol-bombing it. The pregnant teenager’s grandmother, 66-year-old Lesley Brooks, called the boxer a ‘nasty man’ who had hoarded 20 pet snakes in his house and would sometimes even let them slide into Sophie’s backyard to terrorize her family.

Sophie’s mother Sarah said that the issue had began in 2012 when Jackson had first moved in next-door and would make fun of the family by mimicking them and making silly sounds in the backyard. His behavior got worse over the years as he resorted to Whitney Houston songs to annoy Sarah and her family.

The two neighbors would often clash over the noise issue and the violence escalated when Jackson began throwing stones at them from him garden. One day, he accused grandmother Lesley of scratching his car and threw a car suspension at her. Lesley’s granddaughter, who was pregnant at that time, ran out to protect her but got caught up in the violence.

Jackson continuously punched Lesley and fractured two of her fingers. He even hit the pregnant teenager in the stomach. At that point, Sophie said that she couldn’t feel the baby moving and she thought that she was going to have a miscarriage. Her grandmother Lesley was also unconscious on the ground, covered in blood.

Jackson has now received an indefinite restraining order to stay away from the family and the neighbors are happy that he is finally off the streets.

How would you react if your neighbor played Whitney Houston songs all day?

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