Everyone dreams of finding the right one to spend the rest the life with. We all dream of walking down the aisle while a significant. Most of us would love to have a glamorous wedding as we tie the knot with our loved ones. Oh, how wonderful it would be! Unfortunately, most of what people dream about is only a lucid dream as the reality is the exact opposite. If anything, a lot of people have undergone difficult marriages, ultimately leading to divorces.  

“To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the loving cup, whenever you’re wrong admit it; whenever you’re right shut up.”— Ogden Nash

The Rise of Divorce Rates


Over the past few years, the rise of divorce in the United States alone had increased dramatically. This is not just because filing divorce papers is now easier than ever before, but also because the couples don’t usually think about the future together. 

They don’t fully understand their partners, which leads to frequent conflicts of interest, arguments, and eventual divorce. They don’t understand the repercussions and stake they need to make sacrifices for their relationship to work and last. How can you prevent this problem? The answer is through marriage counseling.

Marriage counseling can help you to understand more about your partner, and your relationship before you tie the knot and seal the holy matrimony.

Here are the reasons why you need to undergo a marriage counseling.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”— Mignon McLaughlin

It Can Help You Foresee Your Future Together

By this, we don’t mean that you’re going to see what’s your family literally is going to look like in the future. Rather, marriage counseling will give you a guide on the direction your relationship will going to take. Some religious institutions will require a couple to undergo premarital counseling first in order to assess your partner’s background fully.

They will question both partners’ family background, history, as well as their plans to build a family together. Important questions such as the number of children you want to have and where you intend to live will be raised to prepare the couple to make such decisions before they tie the knot. It’s important to have a clean slate, and everything must be explained and sorted out first.

It isn’t Just about Fixing Things, But also about Building Stronger Roots.

One of the main reasons why marriage and relationship fall apart is due to to the lack of communication. Both partners barely the time to catch up with each other. This leads to harboring ill-feelings against each other. Since nobody’s saying anything about it, the other party assumes that everything’s still alright without knowing that the other’s frustrations are slowly building up. It gets to a point where one cannot take it anymore, leading to a pitiful quarrel.

Marriage counseling can prevent such a misunderstanding and divorce by enabling the couple to establish constant communication. This therapy will help you rekindle your love and solve any misunderstandings along the way. It also tackles the issue of infidelity. Dealing with this will help you overcome all the rocks in your relationship and strive to make it work.

Marriage Counseling Doesn’t Guarantee a Happily-ever-after marriage, but it does improve relationships.


We are not saying that when you undergo marriage counseling, you will not face any problem in the future anymore. We are also not promising that everything will be peachy by then since nothing is perfect. However, it can help improve the relationship you already have.

Marriage counseling will help you build the core values in your relationship aside from the love itself. Some of these values include trust, communication, and understanding. This will help you gather the strength and courage you to face any problems you have and overcome them together, thus strengthen your relationship. The majority of couples are satisfied with the therapy’s results. The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists has found that 98% of the people surveyed said they received good or excellent therapy. Also, 97% said they got the help they needed.

Getting married is not a joke. It’s not like picking out clothes, which you can just toss whenever you like. Marriage is a lifetime decision, and we want to make it last. You can do that if you’ve undergone a marriage counseling. Remember, that love is worth fighting for.

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