Some Americans, particularly from the middle class who voted for Donald Trump during the election in 2016, are presently commenting they may not repeat their actions following the presidents cutoff of Obama care subsidies to health insurance companies which are accounting for billions of dollars.

Some have even gone to the extent of saying they are middle-class Americans with a household income of just $60,000 in Arnold which is located in the Western Pennsylvanian city. The fears expressed by the individual are reflecting the increasing concerns among middle-class Republicans and Democrats that the costs of health insurance are likely to soar as Pres. Trump begins to weaken the signature healthcare law which was initiated by former Pres. Barack Obama which extended insurance to over 20 million Americans.

What Has Pres. Trump Said About The Subsidies?

President Donald Trump will end $7 billion in Obamacare subsidies.

Pres. Trump has derided the monthly subsidies as a bailout for insurance companies when he mentioned last week that the subsidies would no longer be paid. The subsidies were reimbursing insurance companies for discounts allowed on deductibles, co-pays and other costs which the insured had to bear out of pocket. However, insurance companies are still required to provide the subsidies for households that are classified in the low-income group.

Some insurance companies have been anticipating an end to the funding by Pres. Trump and have already increased the premiums on insurance plans under the affordable care act introduced by Obama to recoup the losses in 2018. Some have even withdrawn from the markets for Obama care from a number of states because of the uncertainty surrounding the issue.

What Are Americans Saying about The Cut in Subsidies?

Debates For and Against Obama Care Are Raging In the Country.

The Americans referred to in this article are mentioning that Pres. Trump is trying to hurt the middle class. The comments are coming from people that have retired from companies in Pennsylvania where Pres. Trump had trounced the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by a little more than just 44,000 votes. This was the initial foray the Republicans got to make in Pennsylvania since 1988. Can this comment, therefore, be considered as one coming from a disgruntled voter that was disappointed by the loss of the Democrats?

A spokesman for the White House declined any comments by referring the inquiries to the US Department of Health and human services.

What Is The President’s View Of the Subsidies?

Pres. Trump had earlier mentioned that the subsidies were a gift for insurers and his administration has put forward arguments they cannot make the payments lawfully unless a fresh legislation was passed by Congress.

What Do Other Americans Have To Say About Obama Care?

Opposition For Obama Care Is Also Rampant.

Views contrary to the ones mentioned by some Americans have also been expressed by people who are commenting they are happy to see the president deliver on his campaign promises to respond Obama care after congressional Republicans had repeatedly failed to repeal the law which was introduced in 2010.

Support has also been expressed for the actions considered by the president by Americans who have stated that Obama care is imploding and the impact of the implosion is going to affect everybody. They have also mentioned that it is the responsibility of the Congress to rectify this issue because they introduced it in the first place.

Ever since its introduction in 2010 Obama care has been controversial with many people debating for and against the policy. During the 2016 campaign for the election president, Trump had promised to repeal the law and introduce insurance plans which could eventually make it easier for Americans to purchase cheaper healthcare. The president has also signed an executive order last week that will make it affordable for Americans to buy cheaper health insurance plans than the ones offered under Obama care.

Two senators also concluded a bipartisan deal which would stabilize the market for Obama care by including the reinstatement of the subsidies for another couple of years. After initially mentioning that the deal may be approved the president reversed his course on Wednesday. By this time Republican lawmakers had spoken against the plan as being one which may allow the survival of Obama care.

Legal Challenge Launched By the Democrats Against The Repeal of Obama Care.

The debate for and against Obama care is not going to end soon because attorney general of the Democratic party have requested intervention from a judge in California to direct the administration to continue payments to the insurance companies until the legal challenge launched by them is settled in a court of law.

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