We all get tired of our job eventually. It’s only natural. We might feel that we have the worst job in the world but that’s actually far from the truth. If your job is to sit in an office all day and get paid higher than the minimum wage, then you’re already pretty lucky. Some people have jobs that require them to face danger, the possibility to catch diseases, or do some plain old nasty stuff. Here are some of the worst and nastiest jobs in the world that will make you appreciate your job.

Sewer diver

Indian sewer divers have very few tools to work with, which makes it a very dangerous job.

No matter how boring or tiring our job is, don’t think that your job stinks because some people have jobs that literally stink. There are sewer divers all over the world but in India, the sewer divers do their job with only some tools such as shovels and crowbars. They clear up blocked pipes and sewage by hand, and dive into filthy sewers shirtless. In 3rd world countries, the workers aren’t given proper safety equipment so they have the risk of catching diseases. Imagine having to dive into a filthy sewer filled with human waste, shirtless and getting paid around $5 a day plus a bottle of booze. Working 8 hours a day at an office sounds good right about now, doesn’t it?

Armpit Sniffer

One of the reasons why we hate our jobs is the long and tiring commute to and from work, especially when you need to go inside a train full of sweaty and smelly people. Well, there are some people that sniff other people’s armpits for a living. A deodorant producer tests out the effectiveness of the deodorant by sniffing the armpits of random strangers.

Mosquito Bite Tester

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Working as a mosquito bite tester you can get a lot of dangerous diseases.

One thing everyone hates about the summer is mosquitoes. They’re itchy and annoying but imagine if you have to get bitten by hundreds of giant mosquitoes every single day. Helge Zieler works in the Brazilian rainforest as a test subject to study the behavior of the mosquitoes. That means his job is to get bitten by mosquitoes for science. You can get a lot of dangerous diseases from mosquitoes and having to get bitten dozens and even hundreds of times a day, you’d think you’ll eventually catch something. He even suffered from a serious case of malaria, but he says that “The beauty of the rainforest far outweighs the thousands of mosquito bites.” You could say that his job literally sucks.

Crime-Scene Cleaners

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a popular American TV show. It’s a fun show to watch, but have you ever imagined how do the guys clean up the crime scene? There are some pretty brutal and gruesome crime scenes. You’ll see some things that you’ll wish you can forget about. You need a really strong stomach for a job like this one.

We can all agree, cleaning a crime scene is probably one of the hardest jobs in the world.

Crocodile Trainer

Related image

Unbelievably, there are open positions for crocodile trainers.

For how much money would you agree to put your head inside a crocodile’s mouth? Well, these guys, working as crocodile trainers at the Pattaya Crocodile Farm in Thailand, are doing it for less than $8 a day. You can see here one of the tricks pulled off at their show, and another one is kissing the crocodile’s nose. This is a kind of job that you need life insurance for. There was even an incident caught on tape where one of the performers head got crushed by a croc’s jaw.

Pet Food Tester and Taster

Pet food has some real fancy names, which makes you wonder how they taste. Admit it, you’ve wondered what does your pet’s food taste like. Well, we’re not saying that you should ever taste it, because it just might taste awful, but Simon Allison has! It’s actually his job to taste pet food. And not just any regular pet food but the super-fancy Marks & Spencer dog and cat cuisine. Allison says, “I love my job – but draw the line at swallowing.” Better have some mouthwash handy all the time, Simon.

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