Would you have ever imagined breastfeeding to become a reason for someone to be taken to court? We mean, there are a lot of odd cases in court these days but is breastfeeding really a valid reason for a lawsuit? For TV Host, Nicole Curtis, this was one of the key factors that led her and her ex to an eventful custody battle for their 2 and a half-year-old son, Harper.

Who Is Nicole Curtis?

Nicole Curtis became known through her work as a host on the show, Rehab Addict. Don’t be deceived, you might think that this show was about her dealing with people in-and-out of rehab because of a certain addiction.

The show is actually about pre-World War II homes being renovated into nice modern mansions. The show aired for 7 seasons so it is safe to say that she made a lot of money through this hosting stint.

She seems like she has such a beautiful life because of how she presents herself on-screen but she had quite the not-so-colorful past. Back in 1997 when she was only 18 years old, she gave birth to her first son named Ethan.

Being a teenage mother might have been hard for her since she was forced to find means and ways to earn a living. She first worked at IHOP and eventually ended up booking a job as a waitress at Hooters. Not only was being a waitress her source of income for she also earned through cleaning houses. At a young age, she had to act way beyond her years.

The Custody Battle

Last July of 2015, she gave birth to son Harper whose father is a businessman named Shange Maguire. Throughout her whole pregnancy, she actually kept it a secret even if she was filming for her show. They strategically used props on set to hide her baby bump.

She claims that she wanted her second pregnancy to be private and even wanted to raise him without any help whatsoever. When Harper was six-months-old, Shane took a paternity test and found out he was the father. He was later granted visitation rights but this just started some conflict.

       Nicole with sons Harper (left) and Ethan (right)

Ever since Harper was born, Nicole has breastfed him. She never stopped breastfeeding him even up until this day. She said that even if she wants to stop, it is her son who demands to be breastfed. A lot of people on the internet have criticized her regarding this choice to continue breastfeeding her 30-month old son. Since Harper was growing up to be an exclusively breastfed baby, Nicole didn’t know how she would end up feeding him when he spends time with his dad since she was unable to produce enough breastmilk to pump into a bottle.

Blaming Breastfeeding

Unhappy with what was happening, Shane took Nicole to court because he claimed that she used breastfeeding as her way to stop him from seeing Harper. Nicole’s side was very contradicting to his statement because she says stopping breastfeeding just for him to see Harper was not right at all. The two ex-lovers never saw eye to eye and had a custody battle that lasted for two years. She eventually won the case and was granted the benefit of breastfeeding Harper once a day during his dad’s visitations since she proved that she really can’t produce breast milk through a pump.

It is no doubt that Nicole Curtis had been through a lot and we salute her for actually staying strong amidst all the drama that has happened in her life. She was able to write a book called Better Than New: Lessons I’ve Learned from Saving Old Homes (And How They Saved Me). She talked about her not-so-good relationships, being a teen mom, and getting through financial struggles.

Being thrown so many obstacles in life, a lot of people actually expected her to fail and give up. Nicole says that her source of strength and motivation was her two sons. She once shared the statement, “As long as you put your family first, everything else will work out.” Fortunately, her relationship with her ex Shane has been better. Although their relationship is very far from perfect, we’re sure they will eventually be able to provide a very good future for their son.

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