Do you ever stumble on an old movie and wonder what happened to the actors or whether they’re even still alive? Some of these actors have spent their entire lives acting and you’d think we’d remember them. But the truth is we forget people fast when we don’t see them on TV often. Such is the case with these actors who, after a long career, have decided to enjoy the fruits of their retirement. They have earned enough money and spent enough years in the industry that they eventually got fed up and wanted to spend the remainder of their lives in peace and quiet. And no, they are not gone, they are just trying to stay away from paparazzi and all that noise. Doesn’t mean we can’t take a peek, does it now?

Betty White – 96

With a 70-year career, Betty White is one of the oldest active comedians in the world. And what’s amazing is that his vibrant old lady is more energetic and has more charisma than many young actresses. Betty started acting in 1939 and has continued to do so her entire life. She is an actress, a singer, and she has also worked as a writer and director in Hollywood. Betty is best known for her role in The Golden Girls, although she has appeared in a number of TV series. Recently, she played the adorable Elka in Hot in Cleveland. Throughout her long career, Betty earned a lot of money and has grown an enviable net worth of $75 million. No doubt she needs a financial advisor to manage that kind of wealth but she sure worked long and hard for it.

Mel Brooks – 92

Actor,  writer, producer, comedian, composer…you name it and Mel has done it. Mel Brooks is one of the rare talents who could do it all and do it really well because he has received an Emmy, Grammy, an Oscar, as well as a Tony Award. This is not something many actors achieve and most are lucky if they get even one. Mel is known for his black observational humor which won audiences when he started as a comedian. He is also known for The Producers, a famous Tony-winning Broadway musical. The actor is now finally enjoying his retirement, and with about a $100 million net worth, it must be a good retirement plan. 

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