At some time in life, you may need to undergo therapy to physical, mental, or emotional issues. Therapy is essential for the full body performance and well-being. But with the thousands of therapists available out there, choosing the best can be overwhelming and costly at the same time. Luckily, thanks to the rise of the Internet, you can find therapists online today Online therapy is now a booming business. It is cost-effective and more convenient than the traditional ones.

Here is everything you need to know about therapy. 

“The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.”— Hubert H. Humphrey

 Just How Much does Therapy Cost?


There isn’t really a standard when it comes to therapy costs. However, based on the data we have obtained from several hospitals and rehabilitation centers, we can gather a rough estimate of therapy cost. The average cost for booking a therapy session ranges from $75 to $150 per hour. However, in places like New York and other major metropolitan cities, it is not uncommon for therapists to charge more than $200 per hour.

If you have a health insurance, you might be spared from the expenses as some health insurances cover sessions such ass psychotherapy. But still, you ill be shouldering extra expenses not covered by your insurance. If you feel like this is too costly, consider the option of having an online therapy. Online therapy sessions will only cost you about $25 per hour, which is more affordable than booking sessions on hospitals.

 Our Recommended Online Therapy Sites

With thousands of online therapy sites on the web, choosing the most legitimate and effective ones can be overwhelming. But fret not as we are here to help you. Here are our recommended online therapy sites:

Try browsing and perusing these sites in order to determine the average therapy costs around your area. You can also see what types of therapy are available for you to enroll.

 Tips for Choosing the Suitable Therapist For You

Online therapy sessions can be a challenging because they don’t involve meeting your therapist in person. You can only see them through video conferencing. How can you ensure that your therapy session is worthwhile? How can you assure that your therapist is the perfect one to seek help from? Here are the answers: 

  • Determine whether you’re looking for a general or a specific therapy. This will help narrow down your options.
  • Pick the type of therapy type that you believe will be most helpful to you. (This site will help you choose.)
  • Set your hourly budget.
  • Use the recommended sites listed above to search for a therapist in your area.
  • Choose a therapist. (Before contacting them, check if they’re licensed or not.)
  • Contact the therapist, and explain your needs and expectations.

Once you’ve completed all the above steps, you’ll be ready to book your first therapy session.

 Tools Used in Online Therapy

You might be wondering what tools are used to conduct an online therapy session. We already said that video conferencing is one of the tools used in an online therapy session, but there is more to it than that. Online therapy can be delivered either in video conferencing, text messaging, and a phone call session. Online therapy has several benefits over the traditional in-office therapy such as:

  • Affordable rates per online therapy session. As we stated before, one-hour session will cost you as low as $25 per hour.
  • You save the money you’d have spent on transportation as traveling is not required anymore.
  • More discrete than visiting a therapist’s office.
  • Shorter and more frequent sessions can be arranged.

If you think you are up and ready for an online therapy session, or you just want to test the waters, you can refer to or as they offer thousands of licensed therapists.


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