Having A Lot Of Money Gives Celebrities The Freedom To Buy Whatever They Want

When celebrities are after something they want dearly, money is never an issue. We are just awed by how these stars go to such great lengths to acquire something of value to them. This is especially true if we deem such a thing rather useless to us.

“The chief value of money lies in the fact that one lives in a world in which it is overestimated.”
– H. L. Mencke

Well, for sure these acquisitions are their pride and source of pleasure. The only thing left for us to sit and watch what these purchases are. You will absolutely be blown away by how much each of these famous people spent.

 Kim Basinger – A Town Worth $ 20,000,000

Kim Basinger TownYou read it right. Actress Kim Basinger bought herself a town in Braselton, Georgia back in 1989. Together with her fellow investors, they got 1,751 acres of the town’s 2,000 privately owned acres. Their objective was to convert it into a tourist destination.

Unfortunately, the development plan did not work out according to plan. Basinger was forced to cut her losses and sold the town for $ 1,000,000, after declaring bankruptcy. Talk about a terrible investment!

 Mike Tyson – A Solid Gold Bathtub Worth $ 2,300,000

The retired boxer has always been known for his extravagant lifestyle. During his glory days, money was in plenty. He impressed his first wife, Robin Givens by buying her a solid gold bathtub for their Ohio mansion.

However, the gesture was soon overshadowed by his eventual divorce from Givens. During the divorce, he had to shell out $ 9,000,000 in the settlement. No wonder Tyson had to file for bankruptcy.

 Celine Dion – A Humidifier Worth $ 2,000,000

Celine Dion HumidifierHer voice is her number one investment. This is the reason why the multi-awarded singer would do anything to take care of her most prized possession. She did it by buying a humidifier. This other investment cost her so much that we wonder what it is made of and what exactly it does. Only Dion knows the answer.

 Nicolas Cage – Comic Book Collection Worth $ 1,600,000

He knows how to spend his money well. Like most wealthy people, he has acquired real estate properties, fifty cars, two yachts, and perhaps other things. But when he spent more than a million dollars on his comic book collection, then he might have raised eyebrows. Perhaps he had an “unfulfilled childhood wish” of owning one. If so, he undoubtedly made sure that he fulfilled it.

 Rihanna – Hairdos Worth $ 1,000,000

Rihanna became popular not just for her voice and singing style, but also for her constantly changing looks. She never seems to be satisfied with her hairstyle. This celebrity changes her hairstyle as often as she puts on her clothes. It’s really hard to figure out her original hair color (and perhaps texture, too) these days. However, make no mistake! This lady easily spends a million on her hairstyles. Whatever makes her happy!

 Paris Hilton – A Dog House Worth $ 325,000

She loves dogs and is most of the time seen carrying a small one around.  Therefore, it’s not surprising that Hilton bought a customized dog house for her pets. What’s unique about the dog house is that it’s a replica of her mansion – complete with miniature furniture and other details. Moreover, the house has air conditioning and heating. Indeed, her pets have what no dog would ever dream of having.

 Nicolas Cage – A Dinosaur Skull Worth $ 276,000

He’s back on our list. This time, it is for his dinosaur skull. Cage beat actor Leonardo DiCaprio on the bidding for the 67 million-year-old relic – a skull of a Tyrannosaurus bataar. It looks like Cage has a lot of boyhood fascinations that made him want to snag this historic piece.

 Jay-Z – Bottles of Champagne Worth $ 250,000

The famous rapper/businessman has a thing for champagne. And not just any kind of expensive bubbly, but the ‘Ace of Spades’. The insanely expensive luxury brand cost him a quarter of a million dollars for 75 bottles. Amazingly, this was just for a night of celebration at Club Liv in Miami. Not only were his companions happy, but the bartenders as well for getting a fifty-thousand-dollar tip!

 Mike Tyson – White Bengal Tigers Worth $ 150,000

Mike Tyson TigerYes, here he is once more on our list. Tyson bought a couple of white Bengal tigers, which he doted on. However, what he may not have foreseen was that the cost was not the end of it. Taking care of the animals had him spending four thousand dollars a month. These days, we wonder what might have happened to the tigers.

 Beyonce – Leggings Worth $ 100,000

Like her husband Jay Z, Beyonce has her own share of flamboyance. Nevertheless, it’s something that she uses in her work. The singer pays Balenciaga a lot of money for her glittering leggings. What makes them pricey is their being encrusted in gold. For sure, her legs must be feeling like royalty whenever she’s on stage.

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”
– Will Smith

Our featured celebs had their own reasons for burning their money the way they did. Indeed maybe this won’t be the last we’ll hear about their utter extravagance.

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